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Lamoine Parks Commission Minutes

June 5, 2006

Call to Order: 7:00 pm

Present: Christa Brey, Bonnie Moretto, Bill Fennelly, Tom Barr, Kerry Galeaz, Mary Henry and Steve Valleau.

Christa: We need to establish a sub-committee for the boat ramp composed of the members of several committees.

Bonnie: Don't we have a boat ramp.

Unison: Sort of.

Tom: Jay could put in a cement ramp.

Tom and Bill: We need cheap signs.

Steve: I can make a routered sign.

This is the beginning of a long and unstructured meeting so hold on.

Tom: We could have a board walk at Lamoine beach.

Tom and Bill: We want to paint stuff.

Tom: How about shore clean-up. We used to do this so maybe we could do it again.


Mary: We need to go over addresses because there may be duplicates. Are you going to show Stu the letter?

Christa: If he wants to see it I'll give him a copy.

Mary: I will take the letter to UPS and copy it.

Christa: I'll email you about getting together to fold and seal the letter. We can do it in the Town Hall because there are lots of tables.

Kerry: What are we going to do for the picnic table?

Bill: Suggests kits so we can get wood and put them together ourselves. We need signs for the handicapped.

Tom: Some guy was camping.

Steve: One sign we need is one saying, No vehicles on Beach per Town Ordinance.

Other signs we need are: Rest Room signs, Handicapped signs

Kerry: Another advantage of a kit is that we can replace the boards.

Christa: We need to invite Stuart Branch to a meeting. We need to work on common goals.

Bill: Maybe we could go talk to him about whether and where he wants to talk to us.

Kerry: Our whole thing is increasing the image of Lamoine's Parks. On the sand this is what I found out. This could become a nightmare. I will put my effort into it but the winter will destroy it this year. Believe me; this is involved so maybe we should take our time getting into this. I will push on with this.

Rusty comes in Greetings all around.

Christa: When are you going to start cleaning the park?

Rusty: Tomorrow.

Christa: O.K. Do you do the toilet part?

Rusty: Yes.

Bill: Good job.

Christa: I'm going to be gone July 1-15. Our next meeting will be on Friday June 16 at 6pm at Kerry's house. Everybody needs to give some thought to what we want.

Christa: We'll put off the next meeting until after vacations.

Kerry, to Christa: You can start the boat ramp. Thursday 6-7pm Folding Party.

Kerry: Are we going to order the tables? We need to price the cedar for the tables.

Dimensions are 11/2 x 9 ½

Adjourned 8:59pm .

Respectfully submitted,

Steven Valleau