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Minutes of June 15, 2005

Present were: Committee members Christa Brey, Tom Barr, Kerry Galeaz and Bonnie Morretto; Hancock County Deputy Sheriff Bishop.

This member not being present at the meeting part of the meeting with sheriff, it will be left for another member recount that part of the meeting. The sheriff did say say that we are able to establish enforceable rules for the parks through the authority of the Town Selectman. These can be affected through the posting of signs stating park hours as established by the town selectmen.

Committee secretary Steve Valleau arrives to record the balance of the meeting.

Bonnie starts discussion about the placing park signs as suggested by the meeting with sheriff. Lamoine Beach should have three signs: 2 at each boundary and one at the parking area.

Kerry has worked up 3 estimates for signs. These would be on .032 gauge aluminum printed in 2 colors. For 4 signs the cost would be $274 / sign. The committee considers what is involved in producing the signs. Kerry asks if there is money and if there is how do we access it?

These are some suggestion for what should be on the signs:

Side # 1 Park Rules.

Side #2 Panorama with identification of features (Christa's suggestion)

Side # 3 Environmental information.

Discussion of possible means of execution

Bonnie believes that the 4-H group could take part of the project on as an environmental project. There is a fund of $500 for an appropriate project.

Kerry thinks we could find a local builder to help with sign construction.

Bonnie will see what Crobb Box can do for us.

Kerry says at the next meeting we should put together plans for the signs and the articulation of the Parks Ordinance.

Next Meeting: July 6, 2005 Wednesday to discuss a possible presentation to the Selectmen on the 21 st .

Christa will call Stu.

There being no further business, meeting adjourned.

Respectfully and tardily submitted,

Steve Valleau, Parks Committee Secretary