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Lamoine Parks Committee Minutes - July 6, 2005 (Draft - Subject to Change)

Present: Christa Brey, Kerry Galeaz, Steven Valleau.

Called to order at 7:15pm .

Christa began the discussion with a question of the amount of our budget. The amount is assumed to be $4,604, a number that comes from the town meeting agenda.

The committee then began the discussion of Questions that we have for the Selectmen.

  1. Tell the Selectmen about our ideas for signage to improve the image of the parks.
  2. What is the breakdown of the financial obligations of the parks budget? How can we get more funding for projects? The level of funding will determine the committee's direction. How does the parks budget work?
  3. What do you; the selectmen want out of this committee?

Christa says we should introduce the Parks Committee's goals.

The committee hopes that signs will make a difference in use of the parks. They are expected to both encourage intended uses and discourage illegal activities by giving the town an official presence. This presence should make up somewhat for our limited law enforcement capability.

Christa hopes to find grants for small parks. Blunts Pond should have new park benches and a picnic table.

Kerry will look into sign costs. He plans to find a local contractor to help with the work. Kerry would like there to be a sign, perhaps a kiosk type sign, on the right coming onto Marlboro Beach . He would like an Acadia Park type trash can for our parks if costs allow.

As far as law enforcement goes most things come under the State of Maine 's purview such as noise and drinking. The Selectmen may have their own Ideas about issues such as dogs and ATVs.

For the next meeting we will

Meet with Selectmen Thursday July14, 2005 7pm

Next meeting 7pm August 10, 2005

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Valleau, Parks Committee Secretary