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Minutes for Lamoine Parks Committee Meeting July 24, 2006

Present: Jenny Goebel, Peter Goebel, Kerry Galeaz, Christa Brey, Tom Barr, Bill Fennelly, Steve Valleau

The first item is considering Jenny's request to have a lemonade stand at Lamoine Beach Park .

Jenny stated that she wanted a lemonade stand first, so that she could learn how to deal with money and secondly to keep people from burning up in the sun.

Christa wanted to know where Jenny was going to locate the stand and she said that it would be near the picnic tables.

Kerry stated that despite having 2 six year old sons and thus being sympathetic to Jenny's plan, he had a problem with the town's liability should something unforeseen happen.

Christa asked what the stand's schedule would be. Jenny said that she would have the stand on Saturdays and Sundays. Tom thinks that it is good for kids to have a little business of their own. Jenny's father pointed out that there was the precedent of an ice cream truck that worked the area.

Kerry stated and we all agreed that we need to explore the whole vending issue. We had discussed the issue last winter but have not come to a final conclusion. The ice cream and kayak venders may be only subject to the public ways laws.

The committee voted to allow Jenny to have her lemonade stand but the supervision of her father and the committee's lack of a clear policy helped decide in her favor.

This vending issue should be resolved before next summer.

Election of Officers.

Christa nominates Kerry to replace her as chair. Steve seconds the nomination. The vote is unanimous in favor of Kerry Galeaz as the Chair.

Tom nominates Christa as Vive Chair. Kerry seconds that nomination. The vote is unanimous in favor of Christa Brey as Vice Chair of the Lamoine Parks Committee.

Despite a track record that argues that to contrary, Steve Valleau is reluctantly elected as committee secretary.

Surprise Gate Installation:

Tom told the committee that car traffic over the edge of the parking lot was wearing down the tar to where there would be no handicapped access to the toilet.

Traffic on the unofficial roads in the park is a practice we want to discourage and although the present gate is not a final solution at least it will prevent some eroding of the ground.

There will be Two keys for the lock on the gate; one for Kerry and one for Rusty.

Money for the Parks continues to be a concern:

Bill points out that mooring fees are going from $15 to $50.

Christa thinks we should apply for grants but only for the grants that we are likely to get so that we don't waste our energy. She said that we had to wait to send the letter until July when we got the check to pay for the postage. The letter is to be sent on Wednesday July 26.

Kerry said that one of the picnic tables was in the woods. On the table subject, Tom saw a better price for the tables on Q.V.C. also at Target. We concur that Target would be better because we could see the tables before buying. We decide that the garage on the Anderson property would be a good place to store the tables for the winter.

We decide that Richard Brey can Geo Cache at Blunts Pond.

Stu wants us to have a quick check list for planned activities such as weddings.

We think that requests should go to the chair, Kerry, but that we need a way to communicate with each other. The request should be sent to all members and the applicant should get a reply in a timely manner. Currently the time frame is 30 days before the planned date. This amount of time would probably be at the outside of when we would respond. The current issue involving the YMCA will be resolved by giving them a heads ups about the need for more lead time than two days. That is what we had this year.

The signs:

Kerry says that the comprehensive plan has a lot of what Christa and I need for our panels concerning the history and natural history of Lamoine. Tom says there is a book with a picture of the old hotel.

Bill found out from an ‘oldtimer' that there was a parking lot above the present parking lot. There are also access point into the grown over parking lot. This presents possibilities.

Kerry is not concerned with the set-back rules for Lamoine Beach . He does think that Blunts Pond and Marlboro Beach could be a problem as far as set backs from the water are concerned. He said that later this year we need to talk with Fred Stocking about the common interests of our committees ( conservation?).

Member's projects: Christa- History

Steve- Natural history

Tom -Tables

Bill- thank you to J. McIntosh @ Lamoine State Park.

Adjourn: 8:30