Town of Lamoine


Ordinance regarding Town Meeting Donation Requests


I.  Purpose.. 1

II.  Authority.. 1

III.  Validity and Severability.. 1

IV.  Applicability.. 2

V. Criteria for inclusion in the Town Warrant: 2

VI.  General Procedures. 2

VII. Administrative Procedure.. 3

VIII.  Presentation to Town Meeting.. 3

I.  Purpose


The purpose of this ordinance is to establish criteria by which organizations not under the umbrella of the Town of Lamoine municipal government may solicit funds from the Town Meeting of Lamoine.


II.  Authority


A.     This ordinance is created under home rule authority as provided for in Article VII-A of the State of Maine Constitution and Title 30-A MRSA § 2001 et. Seq.


B.     This ordinance shall be known as the “Town Meeting Donation Ordinance” of the Town of Lamoine, adopted and effective by a referendum vote of a special town meeting on November 7, 2000.


C.     The Board of Selectmen shall administer this ordinance, with administration authority delegated to the Budget Committee and the Administrative Assistant as outlined below (Section VII).


III.  Validity and Severability


Should any section or provision of this ordinance be declared by any court to be invalid, such decision shall not affect the validity of any other section or provision of the ordinance.


IV.  Applicability


A.     This ordinance is applicable to all agencies seeking funds from the Town of Lamoine that do not have a contractual relationship with the Town to provide goods or services.  Such organizations typically submit a request to the Town through its board of Selectmen or Budget Committee for inclusion in funding on the annual town meeting warrant. 


B.     The following organizations are exempt from this ordinance:

1.      Ellsworth Public Library (providing library services)

2.      Downeast Family YMCA (providing recreational services & facilities)


V. Criteria for inclusion in the Town Warrant:


All organizations must meet the following requirements.  They must:


A.     Be non-profit;

B.     Be non-denominational (not affiliated with any religion)

C.     Be non political (not affiliated with any political party)

D.     Be non-governmental (not a unit of government but may receive grants from government sources which often require a locally raised share).

E.      Be local (provide services either within Lamoine or to Lamoine residents at nearby communities.

F.      Operate at a fiscal level where extensive local fund raising efforts would be prohibitively expensive.

G.     Make application to the Town Budget Committee between September 1 and November 30, preceding the annual Town meeting using the application form available at the Town Hall.

H.     Be in compliance with applicable State law (MRSA 30-A § 5721-5728) which establishes permissible town funding area.


VI.  General Procedures


A.     Organizations shall be limited to a maximum of $600 in any town fiscal year.

B.     There is no guarantee that any application will be funded or funded at the level requested.  The vote of town meeting shall be final.

C.     Should the total amounts requested exceed 5% of a mill (.05 mill) in the aggregate, the Board of Selectmen shall make a recommendation to reduce the total amount to this level by proportionately reducing all recommended amounts prior to voting on the article.


VII. Administrative Procedure


A.     The town administrative assistant shall determine whether the application is complete.

B.     The Selectmen and/or Budget Committee shall determine if applicant meets the criteria for support. 

C.     Organizations may appeal such a determination to the Board of Selectmen.

D.     The town will notify applicants of acceptance or rejection for warrant inclusion in a timely manner.

E.      Accepted applications shall be forwarded to the Budget Committee for their recommendation.

F.      The amount requested will be shown in the Warrant followed by the Budget Committee’s recommendation.  The amounts in the Warrant article may be considered, amended, and voted on as individual items subject to the overall mill cap (Section VI).  Organizations are advised that having a contact person available to answer questions at the Town Meeting is recommended but not mandatory.

G.     All applications shall be available for inspection at the Town Hall and at the site of the Town Meeting for public examination.

H.     The application form shall require, at a minimum, the following information:


1.      Organization full name and mailing address

2.      A contact person with address and phone number

3.      General purpose of organization

4.      Amount of request

5.      Detailed list of services provided to Lamoine in the last year.

6.      Other fund raising activities

7.      Most recent annual budget summary


VIII.  Presentation to Town Meeting


A.     Failure to be placed within the warrant article for the regular town meeting is final.   Any organization that did not meet the criteria outlined in the previous sections and is excluded from the approved warrant may not be included for funding from the floor of the town meeting. The moderator of the town meeting may not deviate from this section.


B.     The warrant article shall list all organizations that met the submission criteria, the requested amount, and the recommended amount (if any).  The moderator may, at either his discretion or at the direction of the town meeting, separate the article into individual votes by organization, or for the article as a whole.


After a properly advertised and held public hearing and a public referendum vote taken on the above ordinance having passed by a majority, we, the Lamoine Board of Selectmen declare this Ordinance entitled the “Town Meeting Donation Ordinance” to be in effect as of November 7, 2000. 







/s/Glenn Crawford, Chair   

/s/Arthur Alley                           

/s/S. Josephine Cooper


Selectmen of the Town of Lamoine