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Animal Control Officer

 Revision Date:  April 21, 2011

General – The Animal Control Officer is appointed by the Board of Selectmen and works on a contractual, compensated hourly basis. The position is considered public safety enforcement in nature.

Supervision – The Animal Control Officer (ACO) shall be immediately supervised by the Administrative Assistant to the Board of Selectmen who shall make recommendations to the appointing authority (Board of Selectmen) in regard to job performance, salary and, if necessary, discipline.  Hiring and termination authority rest finally with the Board of Selectmen according to the policies established by the Board.

Employment Status – The Animal Control Officer is a part time, contracted, compensated employee.  The ACO shall periodically submit a bill for payment detailing hours and activities along with reimbursable expenses to the Town Treasurer. 

Some aspects of this position are required by Maine State Statute, and some aspects of the job description are included in statute in addition to the specific duties listed below. The position is subject to all applicable policies of the Board of Selectmen, and is subject to an annual performance review supervised by the Board of Selectmen with substantial input from the Administrative Assistant to the Selectmen.

Duties – The Animal Control Officer shall…

1.Enforce the Animal Control Laws of the State of Maine within the boundaries of Lamoine pursuant to 7 MRSA Chapter 725 3927 et seq.

2.Within six months of appointment become certified by the State of Maine as an Animal control officer pursuant to 7 MRSA 3927.

3.In conjunction with the town clerk, serve warnings to those Lamoine dog owners who fail to register their dogs in accordance with state law by April 1st each year.

4.Maintain a telephone number for publication by the Lamoine Town Office where the public can call to report animal control issues.

5.Investigate, prepare a report, and deliver said report to the proper authorities in regard to all animal bite reports in accordance with state statute.

6.When practical, transport stray animals to the designated town animal shelter.

7.Dispose of carcasses of dead animals in accordance with any Maine State Policy that may be in the travel lane or shoulder of a public highway, road or street.

8.Investigate all reports of alleged animal abuse and make a written report of the findings on said complaints.

The ACO is not authorized to carry a firearm.  In cases of danger, the ACO is to contact an appropriate law enforcement agency to provide assistance in administration of animal control laws.