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Code Enforcement Officer/Local Plumbing Inspector

Job Description

Code Enforcement Officer, Building Inspector, Local Plumbing Inspector

Revision Date September 20, 2012

General - The Code Enforcement Officer (CEO), Building Inspector (BI), and Local Plumbing Inspector (LPI) is responsible for enforcing the Building and Land Use, Shoreland Zoning, Subdivision, Gravel Extraction, Site Plan, Flood Plain, and other general ordinances enacted by the Town Meeting of Lamoine and, where applicable, ordinances of the State of Maine. Additionally, the CEO/BI/LPI shall advise the Lamoine Planning Board on matters coming before that board. 

Supervision – The CEO/LPI/BI shall be immediately supervised by the Board of Selectmen which is also the appointing authority.  Hiring and termination authority rest finally with the Board of Selectmen according to the policies established by the Board, local ordinance and state laws.  The Board of Selectmen may seek input in regard to job performance from the Administrative Assistant, Planning Board, and state officials.

Employment Status – The CEO/BI/LPI is a compensated and contracted part-time employee.  The CEO/BI/LPI shall be compensated bi-weekly at a rate calculated by the town treasurer based on the contract in effect. 

Some aspects of this position are required by Maine State Statute, and some aspects of the job description are included in statute in addition to the specific duties listed below. The position is subject to all applicable policies of the Board of Selectmen, and is subject to an annual performance review supervised by the Board of Selectmen with substantial input from the Administrative Assistant to the Selectmen.

Duties - The CEO/BI/LPI shall…..

  1. Inspect permit applications and, if within the purview of the CEO and in compliance with the codes of Lamoine, issue a permit for said application.
  2. If an application is not in compliance, the CEO shall deny the permit and refer the applicant to the Planning Board or the Board of Appeals. 
  3.  Review pre-and final applications for completeness before submission to the Planning Board.
  4. For approved permits, the CEO shall inspect buildings under construction, alteration or repair to ensure compliance with all ordinance requirements prescribed by Town of Lamoine when required and within 48 hours of notification.
  5. When conditions are attached to the granting of a permit by the Planning Board, the CEO shall inspect the premises to make certain the conditions are met and to file a complaint if they are not.
  6. Investigate, without bias, all complaints of possible code violations, including building, sanitation, and zoning violations and initiate appropriate remedial action to ensure compliance.
  7. Determine and collect appropriate fees for all permits requiring a fee and promptly surrender fees collected to the Treasurer.
  8. Inspect permitted projects and issue a certificate of occupancy compliance when appropriate.
  9. Attend ALL meetings of the Planning Board. Attend ALL meetings of the Appeals Board if the appeal being made was initiated as a result of a decision of the CEO. Attend meetings of the Board of Selectmen when requested or when necessary.
  10. Assist the Planning Board in the interpretation and application of Town Ordinances.
  11. Assist the general public in the interpretation of Town ordinances.
  12. Prosecute zoning violators in court under rule 80(k), when certified.
  13. Prepare and maintain records of permits and reports on any actions taken and deliver these records to the Administrative Assistant, Assessor and Treasurer.
  14. Act as the Town’s Building Inspector and Plumbing Inspector.
  15. Annually inspect licensed gravel pits, with particular attention paid to water depth readings and reforestation. Water depths should be recorded in a file for each gravel pit.
  16. Investigate reports of dangerous buildings, make a formal report of said building’s condition and forward the report to the Board of Selectmen.
  17. Annually inspect licensed automobile graveyards and junkyards and make recommendations for the permitting process. Investigate reported unlicensed automobile graveyards and junkyards and report violations and/or recommendations to the Selectmen.
  18. Immediately supervise and assign, as necessary, tasks listed above to a Deputy Code Enforcement Officer.