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Media Articles of Interest regarding RSU Withdrawal

Article Title (click to go to article)
Publication Date
Saturday, May 26, 2012: Favoritism in school sports, gun ownership and RSU withdrawal Bangor Daily News 5/26/12
Saco considers RSU withdrawal Biddeford Courier 5/24/12
Monmouth Searches for Answers - Should it Leave RSU 2 Kennebec Journal 5/20/12
Towns look to leave RSUs WCSH TV 5/11/12
Ellsworth-area residents push for RSU withdrawal Bangor Daily News 5/3/12
RSU 26 board arranges withdrawal talks with Glenburn, Veazie Bangor Daily News 4/25/12
Ellsworth, Lamoine and Hancock residents to vote on RSU 24 withdrawal Bangor Daily News 4/18/12
Starks voters overwhelmingly approve joining RSU 9 Daily Bulldog 4/17/12
Efforts afoot for former SAD 34 towns to withdraw from consolidated district Bangor Daily News 3/30/12
Voters in Veazie, Glenburn favor secession from school district Bangor Daily News 3/28/12
Point/Counterpoint Ellsworth American 3/22/12
Peru, Dixfield consider withdrawing from RSU 10 Bangor Daily News 3/16/12
Committee to report on withdrawal options York County Coast Star 3/15/12
Byron voters say no to RSU 10 withdrawal until options known Sun Journal 3/14/12
Steuben votes "NO" on pursuing withdrawal from RSU 24 Ellsworth American 3/13/12
Proposed RSU budget includes 12 staff cuts
Seacoast 3/8/12
Ellsworth takes first step toward withdrawing from RSU 24 Ellsworth American 3/6/12
Wiscasset school group considers withdrawal from RSU 12 WCSH TV 2/21/12
School consolidation: money saver or total failure? Bangor Daily News 2/20/12
Departing RSU 2 could cost Monmouth money, school
Kennebec Journal 2/10/12
Veazie aims to hold school district withdrawal vote on March 27, same day as Glenburn
Bangor Daily News 2/14/12
Glenburn to vote on withdrawal from school district
Bangor Daily News 2/9/12
Orono group tries to withdraw from school district, becoming third town to do so
Bangor Daily News 2/6/12
Veazie, Glenburn start "difficult-by-design" school district withdrawal process
Bangor Daily News 1/29/12
Richmond and Monmouth selectmen to discuss RSU withdrawal
Kennebec Journal 6/28/11