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Lamoine Town Report 2005

Lamoine Board of Appeals Report

The Lamoine Board of Appeals dealt with two cases during 2005.

Alvarez et al vs. Lamoine Planning Board re: Seal Point Lobster Pound

This proceeding carried over from 2003 and earlier. The case involved a Shoreland Zoning Permit and Site Plan Review permit issued by the Lamoine Planning Board to Anthony and Josette Pettegrow for an enlarged parking area at the Seal Point Lobster Pound. After many nights of testimony that stretched into the summer months, the Board of Appeals ruled that both permits were properly issued, though the Board imposed some additional conditions. One of the conditions was that the generator and refrigeration units at the Lobster Pound be enclosed in order to reduce noise. The petitioners asked for a follow up on the installation of those enclosures and the Appeals Board found that they had not been constructed. In October, testimony was presented and the Board agreed to permit the Pettegrows to build open sound barriers using stockade fencing in lieu of a complete enclosure. A final inspection regarding installation of the fencing was made by the Code Enforcement Officer on January 3, 2005 and bound to be in compliance with the Board's order.

Rohner vs. Lamoine Planning Board re: Pine Grove Estates Subdivision

This proceeding involved an application from the owner of a mobile home on Douglas Highway bordering the subdivision approved by the Lamoine Planning Board called Pine Grove Estates. The applicant, Teresa Rohner, asked that the approval granted in November 2003 be withdrawn because the road installed by the developers, Ronald and Marie Simons came within just a few feet of the door to her home. Ms. Rohner noted that neither she nor her father, who owned the land at the time of the Planning Board action, had been properly notified prior to the public hearing on the proposed subdivision.

The Appeals Board found that this case boiled down to a boundary line dispute in which the town has no jurisdiction, and denied the relief sought by Ms. Rohner. The Board advised Ms. Rohner that the Maine Court System is the proper avenue through which to seek relief.

Membership on the Board of Appeals remains unchanged, with John Wuorinen, Nicholas Pappas, Chris Tadema-Wielandt, Warren Craft and Jay Fowler serving as full members, and Reggie McDevitt and Griff Fenton serving as alternates. Stu Marckoon has provided his services as the Board's Secretary.

The minutes of our meetings and upcoming agendas can be found on the town's website, and the meetings are often televised on the local cable TV Channel.


C.D. Tadema-Wielandt, Chair

Lamoine Board of Appeals