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Lamoine Town Report 2005

Board of Assessors Report

Municipal Valuations as of April 1, 2005


Gross Value


Taxable Value

Land Values




Building Values




Personal Property








Homestead Value




•  The mill rate for 2005/06 was $7.30 per $1,000 valuation.

•  Total Tax Commitment was $1,661,324.50.

•  One mill raises $227,686.10

•  The Property tax overlay was initially $65,837.98. Due to changes by the Maine Legislature in the Homestead Property Tax reimbursement program and an error interpreting how that change was to be calculated on the local level, that overlay was reduced by $43,366.38 for a net overlay of $22,471.60.

The town completed a factored revaluation during the summer of 2005, with the new values reflected in the April 1, 2005 valuation above. The town saw a significant valuation rise, and a corresponding reduction in the property tax mill rate. There were no significant abatements granted after the revaluation. The board did grant the following abatements:




J. Daugherty


Recalculated tree growth penalty

Barry's Electric


No longer had personal property

Mfg & Dealers Service


No longer had personal property

A. Strum


Recalculated land valuations

T. Stephenson


Recalculated land valuations

J. Saloma


Error in valuation double billed

S. Hibbs


Granted Homestead exemption

K. Rybarz


Granted Homestead exemption

The Board also issued the following supplemental tax bills in 2005:




B. Davis


Tree Growth Withdrawal Penalty

J. Daugherty


Recalculated Tree Growth Penalty

B. Davis


Tree Growth Withdrawal Penalty

Lamoine Baptist Parsonage


Exemption Removal

David Dennison


To Correct calculation error

Jane Fowler, Chair Colene Sharkey Terry Towne

The Lamoine Board of Assessors