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Lamoine Town Report 2005

Conservation Commission Report

The Lamoine Conservation Commission meets every second Wednesday at the Town Hall and stresses education and providing a forum for the conservation concerns of Lamoine citizens. The Commission has no regulatory authority or budget. It sets aside part of every meeting to hear the concerns of those attending and watching on the Cable TV channel.

The Commission tries to have an educational speaker for a portion of its meeting several times a year. In March of 2005 we heard from internationally known geographer Robert Kates of Trenton on international, national and local trash issues. We called that Trash Talk II and followed it up with Trash Talk III in the Fall with representatives of the Maine Resource Recovery Association and Coastal Recycling. In September, managers from Bangor Hydro-Electric Company gave a presentation on the possibility of a new major transmission line running through Town across the Buttermilk Road .

In July we hosted John Peckenham and Teresa Thornton of the Mitchell Center in Orono for a presentation of the Freshwater Initiative, a three-town study of the sand and gravel aquifer under Lamoine, Hancock and Ellsworth. Over fifty people joined us at the school for this event.

The presentation concluded the first phase of the Freshwater Initiative, ably coordinated by Commission member Carol Korty. Phase Two is going ahead on three fronts: 1) The Commission and the Mitchell Center is seeking funding for follow-up and supplemental testing; 2) New Commission alternate Bob Pulver, with Carol's help, organized and received grant funding for a student water- testing project with the Lamoine School and Ellsworth High School, and 3) Ellsworth, Hancock and Lamoine have agreed to continue to meet and seek ways to coordinate aquifer protection, including adopting a narrow and focused protection ordinance modeled on Hancock's existing ordinance.

On other fronts, the second roadside clean-up took place in May despite rotten weather. Georgia Munsell and Linda Tadema-Wielandt once again organized this successful event.

The Recycling Subcommittee has raised a number of issues with respect to Lamoine's trash flow and recycling potential. The Commission held a work session on “Pay-As-You-Throw” as an alternative to tax-funding of trash removal. Preliminary work at this work session indicated that the financial advantages of a change are not compelling at this time. The Recycling Subcommittee and our Trash Talks have kept the Commission informed about the changes in neighboring towns that may provide Lamoine with attractive alternatives to the current system in the next few years. The Commission is always interested in good ideas for how to increase recycling, and is actively looking for a volunteer to work on attractive and informative signs for the transfer station.

The Conservation Commission would welcome the formation of other Subcommittees to take on issues that we are not currently working on due to a lack of time and energy. Current Conservation Commission members are Fred Stocking, Chair, Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Secretary, Tom Spruce, Carol Korty and Donna Theall, with Bob Pulver and Donna Thorburn alternates.

Fred Stocking, Chairman