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Lamoine Town Report 2005

Long Range Planning Committee Report

The year 2005 has been the first full year of activity for the Lamoine Long Range Planning Committee. During 2005 our membership rolls have stabilized to a committee of 13 people, starting with a membership of around 25. Current Committee members include:

  • Dennis Ford
  • Michael Garrett
  • H. Ray Graham
  • Bethany Hanson
  • Brett Jones
  • Lance Landon
  • R. Dale Macurdy


  • Reginald McDevitt
  • Kathleen Rybarz
  • Frederick Stocking
  • Chris Tadema-Wielandt
  • John Wuorinen
  • Joseph Young Jr.


The main focus of work for the committee in 2005 was the creation and distribution of a survey to poll the citizens of Lamoine on a number of different topics. On voting day, November 8 th members of the Committee were on hand at the Town hall to pass out surveys as people stopped by to vote. We circulated around 525 paper surveys during the course of the day with more being picked up at the Town Hall during the time the survey was open ( November 8 th through the 22 nd ). We also developed an online version of the survey for those who preferred filling it out in a digital format. The level of response we saw with the survey was far beyond our expectations. Between the paper and digital surveys we received over 250 responses. The raw result data is presently available on the Town web site for review, .

Since the survey closing date the Committees focus has been the writing of a report to present to the Town during our March Town Meeting. Copies of this report will be available online and in printed form at the Town Hall and at Town Meeting for your review. This report gives the Town a deeper look into trends we found and did not find within the survey results. The year ahead for the Committee will see the development of recommendations to the Town based on those trends presented to us in the survey.

The members of the Long Range Planning Committee would like to thank the people who took the time to complete a survey and get it back to us. Taking the time to complete a survey has given us the information we needed to focus on areas important to the citizens of Lamoine and to make informed recommendations.

Brett Jones, Chair

Long Range Planning Committee