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Lamoine Town Report 2005

Solid Waste Report

The Lamoine Transfer Station completed its 12th year of operation in 2005 with basically the same configuration as when it opened in 1993. Despite unprecedented growth during the past few years, the amount of trash sent to the PERC plant in Orrington fell dramatically from 757 tons to 568 tons. We believe three factors played a role in the reduction: discontinuation of mixing commercial trash in with the transfer station loads by Pine Tree Waste, decisions by some local residents to hire private trash companies and no longer utilize the transfer station, and better recycling habits.

Our Conservation Commission has been studying ways to increase recycling and reduce household trash disposal. The transportation contracts with Pine Tree Waste expire June 30 th 2006 and bids for a new contract are pending as of this writing. Our recycling rate for 2004 came in at 32.42% compared to 58.8% for 2003. The latter figure is a bit deceptive as a large amount of biomass was included in the recycling figures.

Just a reminder that a resident sticker is required to use the Lamoine Transfer Station. The stickers are free and available at the town office.

Allen Sternfield

Transfer Station Manager