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This project consists of 4 parts – construction of a new section of road, grading and resurfacing (gravel) of a section of existing road, creation of a parking area, and repairs to an entrance to a public road.

New Road Construction

Contractor will create 322-feet of new road, 14-feet wide. Construction includes cutting, chipping, removal and grubbing of trees and old materials, and replacing it with a base depth of 18-inches of bank run gravel. An additional 6-inches of “Inch Minus” surface gravel shall be added. Road will be constructed with the proper crown and grade to promote drainage.

Resurfacing Existing Road

The existing section of Bloomfield Park Road (170-feet) will have the following work performed:

Entrance to Asa's Lane

The area is 80-feet by 15-feet. Grade of the road is to be lowered, depth of material to be used is 2.5-feet of bank run gravel. Cover the bank-run with 6-inches of “Inch Minus” surface gravel. Cut edge of entrance to ensure proper drainage to prevent washouts.

Parking Area

Parking area measures 42-feet by 17-feet, covered with 6-inches of “Inch Minus” surface gravel.

All bidders must submit proof of liability and workers compensation insurance with bids. Project is to be completed no later than September 30, 2008

Pre-bid meeting attendance is mandatory on July 8, 2008 at 9:00 AM at the Lamoine Town Hall .