Town of Lamoine, Maine

Town Treasurer

The Treasurer of Lamoine is also the Town's Adminstrative Assistant. The treasurer is responsible for a myriad of financial records for the town, maintaining the tax lien files, preparation for the annual audit, and periodically reporting the financial condition of the community both to the Annual Report and the Board of Selectmen.

  Credit & Debit Cards Accepted
Budget Report - FY 2016/17 Budget Report for FY 2017/18
Budget Report FY 2014/15 Budget Report FY 2015/16
Budget Report FY 2013/14 Latest Proposed Expenditure Warrant
Checking Account Reconciliation Past Expenditure Warrants
Budget Report FY 2011/12 Budget Report FY 2012/13
Budget Report FY 2010/11 Investment Management Reports
Budget Report FY 2009/10
Budget Report-FY 2008 Budget Report for FY 2005
Budget Report for FY 2006 Budget Report for FY 2007
Fee Schedule Disbursement Policy
FY 2016 Audit
FY 2015 Audit
FY 2014 Audit