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Policies for the Town of Lamoine are generally set by the Board of Selectmen. They are organized into various categories to make them easier to reference. All policies are now posted in .pdf format. General categories are immediately below. Individual policies in the general category can be referenced under each general heading. Reference can also be made to the Ordinances of the Town of Lamoine

Job Descriptions
Employment & Workplace Policies
Fiscal Policies
Public Safety Policies
General Government & Facilities Policies
Technology Policies

Employment & Workplace Policies

Drug & Alcohol Policy
Education & Travel Policy
Mileage Rate
General Employment Policies
Harassment Policy
Smoking Policy
Fire Department Vehicle Operation Policy
Hazardous Materials Response Policy
Employees as Volunteer Firefighters Policy
Building Use Policy

Fiscal Policies

Disbursement Policy
Donation Review Policy
Analytical Review of Excise Tax Collections
Federal Compliance Policy
Fee Schedule
Returned Check Policy
Investment Policy
Accounts Receivable Policy
Town Attorney Use Policy
Volunteer Fire Department Pay Policy
Small Amounts of Uncollected Property Tax Policy
Road Maintenance Selection Policy (Approved 10/1/09)
Property Tax Payment Application (Approved 8/3/17)

Public Safety Policies

False Alarms
Workplace Safety Policy
Respiratory Protection Program

Government/Faciliites Policies

Appointment Policy
Building Use Policy Application Indemnity Form
Cable TV Policy
Complaints Policy Complaint Form
Transfer Station Permits Policy
Guest Mooring Policy
Commercial Trash Hauler Policy
Polling Place Conduct Guidelines
Solicitation at Town Hall Policy
Displays Policy
Budget Committee Bylaws
Public Use of salt/sand
Transfer Station Operations Manual
Board of Selectmen Procedures

Technology Related Policies

Public Computer Use
E-Mail Program
Website Policy


Flag Display Program
Returnables Program
Veterans Memorial Brick Donation Program
Adopt A Highway Program
Heating Assistance Program