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Report for Meeting of October 15, 2020


I’m not sure how to translate a scream onto paper, but would if I could.  It has been crazy busy at the town office, and having the power, Internet and phone go out yesterday (October 8th) didn’t help any.  The generator worked fine, but it did not restore phone and I-net.  That didn’t come back until Friday morning (I’m writing this Friday). 


On top of that, absentee balloting has been incredible.  Thursday, Jennifer had to hand write all the envelopes, physically look up registration cards, and then input all that information into the state’s centralized voter registration system once we got Internet back.  Wednesday, I was alone on the counter for the day due to doctors’ appointments, and processed well over 50 ballots and requests.  People ask if voting by absentee is easier for us.  My honest answer is no.  There is a lot of paper and computer work required for absentee voting.  More on that later.


Remember, your meeting is at the school and begins at 6PM with the Assessors and Planning Board and Code Enforcement Officer.  Seating will be socially distanced and face coverings required in the gym.  I’ll bring extra masks in case anyone needs one.


Your agenda will be interrupted at 7PM for the Special Town Meeting.  It’s relatively short other than the item with the Assessors, Planning Board and Code Enforcement Officer.


Minutes – October 1, 2020 – Please look over the minutes.  Written corrections are most appreciated.


Warrant 10 – This will be updated periodically on the website.  The sad news to report is that the first plowing bill of the season is on here!  I expect there will be school warrants, probably added on the morning of the 15th, depending on when the school department gets them e-mailed over. 


Cash & Budget Reports – The printed, updated copy will be provided on Thursday night.  The on-line version will also be updated periodically.  If things slow enough, I am hopeful to make the closing entries for FY 19/20 next week!


Checking Account Reconciliation – The files for that were sent to the Board via e-mail on Wednesday.  I’ll print out the short report for your packets.   Once I got the spreadsheet formulated correctly for the checkbook, it all balanced up very nicely.


Meeting with Assessors, CEO, and Planning Board – This meeting was requested by the Assessors.  I’ll place a copy of their memorandum in the packet.


Budget 2020/21 – Once last year is closed out, I plan to start working on the Budget for 2021/22.  A discussion of what we should have for some budget goals should take place. 


Recess for Special Town Meeting – The town meeting is scheduled to start at 7PM.  I do not anticipate much of a crowd for the budget matters on the 19/20 budget for waste disposal which corrects the figure to the amount recommended by the Selectmen & Budget Committee or the $10,000 to add to the paving budget to provide shoulder fill on Shore and Mill Roads.  Jo has agreed to be the moderator.  We’ll have the proper paperwork for that. 


Once the town meeting adjourns, you’ll resume the regular meeting.


Election – The town clerk’s association has forwarded information about grant opportunities to help with this year’s election.  The deadline to apply is the 15th, so I went ahead and made application and await word.  The traffic on the list-serve is showing that folks are getting $5,000.  This will help us with the drop box cost, Nancy’s time, and extra help processing absentee ballots.  Hope you don’t mind!


Absentee balloting has been absolutely bonkers!  Jennifer tells me we’ve had about 430 requested ballots and/or in person voters already – that’s 28% of our registered voters, and the ballots have only been available for 5-days.  Needless to say, we’re having a little difficulty getting anything else done.


Annual Town Meeting – It would be helpful to set the town meeting date for next March.  The 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday is March 2nd.  We could have the election that day, or maybe a week later if you wish on the 9th.  I’ll prepare a couple of orders for you.  The open town meeting has to be within 2-weeks of the election.  If you have the meeting on the 2nd, the Wednesday open meeting would be on the 10th.  If you have it on the 9th, the open meeting could be on the 17th (should we serve green root beer?).  Your call


That is all that I have for your agenda.  I don’t expect birthday cake for the meeting (my doctor tells me I don’t like cake any more!).