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Report for Meeting of January 2, 2020


Happy New Year, slightly in advance.  I hope everyone had a good Christmas.  The weather has sure been agreeable, and I’m sure the plowing contractor has no complaints about how little snow we’ve received thus far!


We have been fairly busy here at the town office, though the two days earlier this week (I’m writing this on December 26th) were slow as far as transactions go. 


Your first meeting of the new decade is not terribly packed with controversial matters. 


Minutes – December 19, 2019 – Please read over the minutes and submit written (if possible) corrections.


Expenditure Warrant 15 – We might actually have to transfer some funds from investments to cover this warrant.  We definitely will for Warrant 16 as the school warrants have started to get bigger.  There are not a lot of bills at this point for the current warrant.  We’ve got a couple of insurance premiums due on the town side for warrant 16 which will bump things up a bit. The warrant will be posted on line prior to you meeting and updated periodically.


Cash & Budget ReportsI’ve added the 4th page to the budget reports now that the audit has been entered and the fund balances for the past fiscal year updated.  This attempts to show where things stand on the various fund balances.  Some of the figures still require some adjusting for the approved budgets.  This is posted on line and will be updated periodically and a printed report ready for Thursday


Checking Account Reconciliation – I am not terribly optimistic that the checking account statement will be ready to reconcile, much less done on the 2nd of the month.  I will try.


Tax Lien Foreclosure Status – A printout of the 2017/18 liens that automatically foreclose on February 7, 2020 is in your packet.  Notices have gone to all property owners and parties of interest as of today.   There may be one property that we end up with – the others are all properties that we deal with most every year.


Town Meeting Just a reminder that nomination petitions to be on the March 3, 2020 ballot are due on the day after your meeting.  I believe all incumbents are running again for all offices.  I do not know of any challengers at this time.


Draft Warrant – I will be working on the draft town meeting warrant on Friday and early next week and it should be ready for review on Thursday.


Citizen of the Year – Come prepared with a citizen of the year in mind if you would. 


Town ReportPrinting Company – Xpress Copy in Portland has printed the report for the past several years.  I would be happy to find out if their cost has increased much. 


Cover Ideas – I suspect you’ll want to do something with the Lamoine 150th, but the report is for 2019, which completes the 149th year.  Let’s discuss ideas.


Selectmen’s Report – I’ll try to draft up a report from you by meeting time.  No guarantees.


Dedications – Ditto on those former town officials who passed away during the year (Kay Bragdon and Phil Sargent come immediately to mind).    I’ll research this further.


Lamoine Quarterly I’ve started it.  Hope to make more progress this week and next.  The Lamoine 150! Group hopes to hold off finalizing until January 6th.


Board of Appeals – I’ve consulted with Vice Chair Jon VanAmringe, and we’ve set a date of January 22, 2020 for a meeting on the latest Moldawer vs. CEO appeal.  The sole purpose of this meeting is to decide whether the Appeals Board will request of the Selectmen to use the town attorney on this matter and to possibly schedule a preliminary meeting on the matter.   


Lamoine 150! – I’m sure Jo will have an update.  Nothing has taken place since the last meeting.  The next event is the Cribbage Fest on the 12th.


That’s all for the agenda for this point.  The Town Office will close at 2PM on New Year’s Eve and be closed all day on January 1st.  I will likely do up the month end and year end state report on the 1st.  


See you all next year!