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Report for Selectmen's Meeting of February 6, 2020


We’ve nearly made it through January as of this writing (January 30th), and as winters go, this has been pretty good.  Things are still steady here in the town office as dog late fees start up this weekend.  Vehicle registrations remain pretty brisk.  The items for town meeting are ready to go, and the town report is nearly finished (just waiting for straggler reports) We did have a bit of a cold circulating around the office.  I brought it home to my wife, but we’ve both recovered well, though she was out of her office for a few days as it hit her harder than me.  Jennifer was also out with sick children as she also battled the cold. You’ve got a pretty busy agenda, and there is movement on most of the ongoing projects.


Minutes – January 16, 2020 – Please look them over.  It was a relatively quick meeting.


Expenditure Warrant 17 - You have been asked to sign this warrant individually today in order to get bills timely paid.  We can go over any questions you might have.


Expenditure Warrant 18 – I’m not sure how much this will be.  There will be school warrants on this as well.  This will be posted on the website and updated periodically and printed for meeting night.


Cash & Budget Reports – These also will be printed meeting night and updated periodically on the website.  We are doing OK on expenses and ahead of the game on revenues.


Automatic Foreclosure Update – The automatic foreclosure date is the day after your meeting.  I’ll have a list in the packet of where things stand today (1/30) and a printed list for meeting night.  There will also be a letter to the person on Buttermilk Road with whom we have an installment agreement, as asked him to call, and have not heard from him. 


W2 Form Matter – A separate memo is in your packet (I e-mailed it last week as well).


Appeals Board Request – The Board of Appeals has asked for permission to utilize James Collier again on the latest appeal from Mr. Moldawer.


Meeting with Fire Chief – Storage Unit Placement – The fire department wishes to purchase (through fundraising) a couple of outdoor storage containers.  The fire chief is seeking permission to place them on town property.  A photocopy of the sales price chart is in your packet.   He will discuss more with you at the meeting.


Solar Energy Project – The update memo that was e-mailed to you Monday is in your packet.


Cable TV/Broadband – Information from our consultant is in your packet. 


Transfer Station Conceptual Design – A preliminary drawing is in your packet.  I’ve given a copy to Brandon Robitaille, our backup attendant to look over – and e-mailed a copy to Ken Smith.  Brandon is an engineering student at U-Maine and wanted to see what was up.  Not sure if there is any action to take other than to give comments to Chip Reeves of CES.


IT Position – A proposal for a part time IT person is in your packets as discussed last meeting.


Lamoine 150! – The committee is planning out the August 15th events, which include fireworks.  I meant to mention that last meeting.  The committee and the State Park need to do some discussion soon.


Town Meeting – The warrants will be ready to sign.  A draft is in your packet – please look it over and if you notice any obvious errors, please get back to me prior to the meeting for correction.


Comp Plan Signature - The Comprehensive Plan amendments are ready to go, except for pagination.  There is a signature page for your so that an “official” version is ready to go. 


Shoreland Zoning Ordinance – The Planning Board is expected to put the final touches on the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance following a public hearing on January 20th.  I am in hopes that a document is forthcoming prior to this meeting.


Property Line Agreement – The wording is back from Steve Salsbury.  I would recommend submitting this to Dan Pileggi to draft up a document, but only after the town meeting gives the go ahead.


Town Report- As mentioned in the beginning, the town report is nearly done.  I’m just waiting for the school superintendent’s report and the recreation committee report.  I will print off what we have for the packet.


2020 Census – The census folks have sent us a map, and there is a slight discrepancy at the Trenton Town Line.  It appears that the Census is showing Apel Way in Lamoine, when it actually is located in Trenton.  I wanted to discuss that with you before contacting our state liaison.


Shellfishing Enforcement – This was added at the suggestion of Bob.


Next Meeting – The Community Center Feasibility Study Committee and school committee have been informed that you wish to meet with them on February 20.


After that meeting, it’ll be Election Day on March 3rd, then your organizational meeting on the 5th.  You’ll set your calendar for the upcoming months on the 5th.