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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of February 20, 2020


Greetings from the plush corner office at the town hall where I’m looking out at a kinda gloomy, slushy day.  The steps and parking lot have cleaned up nicely from the latest snowfall, and the roads have improved as the plow trucks have been out since the early morning when the rain changed over to snow.


I’m in hopes that we might be in the home stretch of winter.  There will be one month left in the official season on meeting night.  I track heating fuel use pretty closely and we’ve used a fair amount less this year than last both here at the town hall and at the fire house.


Your agenda looks pretty short, but I expect you’ll have a long discussion with the school committee and community center study committee as planned.  


Minutes – February 6, 2020 – Please look over the minutes for errors and submit written corrections if possible. 


Warrant 19 – The warrant is posted on the website and updated periodically.  So far it’s not that bad, but the school warrants will not be in until Tuesday afternoon, and it undoubtedly will grow.


Cash & Budget Reports – These are also updated on the website periodically.


Tax Acquired Property – We have tax acquired three properties from the 2017/18 taxes.  I will do up letters to the prior owner of two of those properties and to USDA Rural Development on the third to offer to sell them back for all back taxes, fees and interest.  I’ll also do up a summary memo describing each piece.   The piece we tax acquired and sold under an installment agreement on Buttermilk Road and which a letter was sent to the occupant (and his sister) last week has not had any movement as of this writing, other than the occupant has received the letter.  I’ll update you at the meeting if there is any change.


Community Center Meeting – Both the community center and school committee have been invited, as has the fire chief.   I think this will be a good discussion with the idea of determining what ought to happen next.  I know the school plans something, but I don’t know what that might be at this time.


Conservation Commission – The Conservation Commission has made requests to submit a grant proposal for coastal access, and to set up an electronics collection in June.   The memo and grant proposal are in your packet.


Returnables – The Conservation Commission has requested a month of returnables.  Next available is May.


Lamoine 150! – Cynthia Donaldson unearthed a proclamation that we did in 1995 for the 125th celebration and thought it would be terrific to have an official proclamation in time for the birthday party on March 1st.  I’ve done one up based on the same language as 1995 and a copy is in your packet.


Resignation – Karen Hood has submitted a letter resigning from the Appeals Board.  I’ll do up a letter to her from you accepting it.


Emergency Operations Plan – I was happy that Nathan brought up the coronavirus and what emergency plans we might have for it.  It was a good reminder to update the town’s emergency plan, which I had started several years ago, but it got pushed aside by something more urgent.  I have updated the plan somewhat to get current names, numbers, etc. in there.  A copy of the proposed update is in your packets to review, with a goal of signing the update on March 5th.  Please feel free to suggest changes!


Asa’s Lane – I’ve left a message with John W. Goodwin’s office to call – so far, no response.  If I don’t hear something by next Tuesday (Monday’s a holiday), I’ll grab some posting signs from the Ellsworth American and hit the road.


Complaint/Response – I’ve printed off an e-mail thread between a resident and me regarding the condition of the roads.  I hope the initial response was appropriate.  I have not responded to their follow up.


Meeting Dates – You had asked if Brian Lippold could meet with you on March 5th.  He’s not available, but will be available and has planned on meeting on the 19th.  My recommendation is that this be the primary focus of the meeting.


Other – I’ve not followed up with Chip Reeves yet on the CES plans, but I have spoken with Ken Smith.  I’ll be working on a response to Chip, probably for tomorrow (Friday the 14th).


That’s it for today.  Stay warm this weekend!