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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of March 5, 2020


Your next meeting will be the first for the new Board of Selectmen (which I suspect will look remarkably like the current board).  As such, it’s time to select a chair and vice chair.  Therefore, I will get to call the meeting to order and run it until such time as the chair is chosen.


Minutes – February 20, 2020 – Please review the minutes of the last meeting.  I hope I got it right on the community center discussion.


Expenditure Warrant 20 – This will be posted on the town’s website and periodically updated.  So far it’s pretty small.  A printed copy will be at the table on Thursday.  You’ll notice a few refunds as some taxpayers have sent too much money for their taxes or forgot they paid the full bill the previous August.


Cash & Budget Reports – Property taxes are due tomorrow (I’m writing this on February 27, 2020).   The cash flow this week has been very good!   We are in a very good cash situation at this point.


Tax Acquired Property – As of this writing, there is nothing new to report.  The letters you signed offering the three parcels back to prior owners have been mailed and not returned.   I look forward to final receipt of the Buttermilk Road Installment Agreement, likely on the day of the meeting.  If that’s the case, I will not have time to do up a quitclaim deed which extinguishes the installment agreement, but will have one ready for the March 19 meeting.


Meeting with CES re: Transfer Station – Chip Reeves says he will be glad to meet with you before moving forward any further on the concept design project. I’ve photocopied an idea from Ken Smith for your packet as well.


Policies – The annually approved policies are on the agenda including:

No changes are proposed to any of these policies, though the mileage rates from the state and IRS are slightly changed, the bottom line rate is still $0.51/mile.    I’ve put copies of the “new” policies in the packet.


Emergency Operations Plan – Kathleen has requested to delay this a little while – her memo is in your packet.  I’ll have incorporated some of her proposed changes in the working document on my end.  


Returnables – The snowmobile club has requested a month of returnable proceeds. They last benefitted in May 2019, the next available month is June 2020.


Town Meeting – I do not expect any surprises from Tuesday, since everyone is running unopposed. 


Power Point – I’ll be starting that shortly.  I hope to have most of it done for Thursday’s meeting.


Blunt’s Pond Donation – I spoke with Judy Whitcomb as I was doing up the agenda.  The closing should be soon, and she said they would like to put up a sign at the start of the donated property, either before or after the closing.  It would read Whitcomb’s Woods with a brief explanation of the purpose and history.  They’re planning to have a professional sign maker construct and install it.  She wanted the town to be aware of that desire.


Appeals Board – The Board of Appeals meets the night before your meeting on the latest appeal involving the house in Marlboro.  There may be some pertinent information following that meeting.


That’s the extent of the meeting.  I will see you on Thursday the 5th.