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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of March 19, 2020


This certainly has been an interesting week.  Thank you all for attending the emergency meeting yesterday (March 12th).  You had a great discussion and I appreciate your reasoned decision. 


Your meeting is the night after town meeting at 7PM.  The Technology Committee is meeting at 5PM that evening and speaking with Mr. Lippold prior to his meeting with you. 


After the Selectmen’s meeting, I will be headed out to vacation (it’s still on as of this writing) the 24th.  I have a town manager’s conference on the 20th (still on as of this writing).   My goal is to do up an agenda for April 2nd which will be minimalist in nature.  Perhaps the only agenda item will be the Emergency Operations Plan (besides minutes, treasurer’s report).    I will have the cell phone in the Caribbean with me if there is some sort of emergency. 


Minutes – Because of the emergency meeting, you’ll have both March 5, 2020 minutes and the March 12, 2020 minutes for approval.  I’ll be writing the March 12th minutes right after this report.


Warrant 21 – This will be posted on the web and updated periodically and then printed the night of your meeting.  Payroll for the town includes the 2nd half salaries for elected officials (you and the assessors) and the Road Commissioner’s 2nd half check.  Your checks will be at your seat on meeting night.    School payroll and AP warrants will be added on Wednesday afternoon.


Cash & Budget Reports – As with the warrant, this will be periodically posted on line and printed for your meeting.  The town is in good shape.


Quitclaim Deed – A deed will be ready for your signature to the Heirs of Beverly Watts as the installment agreement has been paid in full.   I might not have that ready for your packet on Friday the 13th, but if the computer is working well, we should be able to bang that out.


Tax Acquired Properties – The deadline to reply to offers from previous owners/parties of interest is the 21st.  We’ve heard from the USDA on the only property with a house on it.  I will update you the day of the meeting.


Meeting with Brian Lippold – As mentioned above, Mr. Lippold is meeting with the Tech Committee at 5PM and should be here for your meeting.  Hancock’s Eagle Point representatives have been invited to the tech committee meeting.  I think Mr. Lippold will have some interesting approaches to the broadband issue.


IT Director’s Position – The aforementioned Tech Committee will have a recommendation regarding the proposed part time IT position I am sure.


New Computer – Adm. Asst.  – The computer in my office which is the master for the entire network has become increasingly unstable.  I estimate I spend a good hour daily watching the spinning wheel of wait, and if often works extremely slowly.  The unit is 6-years old.  The 2020/21 budget has a new computer budgeted I don’t think this will last until July.    We can spare $1,000 in either the CTV fund or the Administration Budget to replace this one, and I am respectfully asking that we do so. 


Bureau of Labor Standards Inspection – The inspector from BLS showed up unannounced (standard practice) on Monday afternoon and we had to drop everything so she could inspect the fire department.  The only thing she found was that we did not have current gear check records.  I am expecting the citation any day now.  We did gear inspections on Wednesday evening, as well as a piece of training on personal protective equipment that needed to be documented.   I do not expect any fines, and am quite pleased by this latest inspection (I hope). 


Returnables – The school has submitted four returnables request.  The next available month is August.  The order was the order that was printed out, and the last benefit dates are listed on the agenda.


Town Meeting Discussion – Presuming town meeting is completed and funding is approved for the cupola project, with your permission I will call Mid-Maine Restorations and give them the go ahead on the project.


Presuming the changes to the Comprehensive Plan are approved at the town meeting, it would be time to dissolve the committee.  I will prepare certificates to thank the members for their service.  It’s been a huge job well done.


We can discuss the results of the meeting if need be.  I do expect there will be an amendment to the Social Services Budget from the floor to include Downeast Community Partners for funding. They called the other day and asked why they were not on the warrant article.  We did not receive a request, but she was adamant that they submitted one on time.  I do not see it in the paperwork.   


We can revisit the emergency meeting and Coronavirus issue if you wish.


Lamoine 150! – I suspect Jo will have an update for us.


Chicken Regulation Ordinance Request – The request is from a Birchlawn Drive resident and is in you packet. This relates to the e-mail that I sent you earlier this week.  In your packet is an article from Maine Municipal and the Chicken Ordinance from Orono.  The gentleman who is making the request plans to attend.


Public / Selectmen Comment – This is on the agenda as a standing item per the discussion from Kathleen at last meeting. 


Next Meetings – As mentioned previously, I’ll only have been back for a day or so for the April 2 meeting.  My conflicts for April 16th are resolved (different date for my father). 


See you at town meeting. …..stu