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Report for Meeting of May 21, 2020

We are just about 2-months into the pandemic and a new way of operating.  The town office opened Monday and business has picked up significantly.  People have been very good about wearing masks inside and keeping socially distant. 


It has been good having people back inside again, though we have to disinfect quite frequently. 


I will plan on the meeting being here in the town hall on the 21st.  You don’t have very much on the agenda, and nothing that should attract a crowd at this point.  As noted in the note on the top of the agenda, people can watch on TV or on-line and if there are questions, they can e-mail them. 


I am not sure how to run a meeting on TV and Streaming live from the meeting room and by zoom simultaneously.  Feeding the computer the TV channel and then and televising the zoom channel into the TV system is not possible – as basically zoom would be feeding itself and would create a video feedback issue. 


Minutes – May 7, 2020 – Please read them over – it was a long meeting and I listened to the Zoom playback to compile the minutes.


May 11, 2020 – These are relatively short, but please review them for accuracy.


Warrant 25 – This will be updated periodically on the website and printed for meeting night.   We will have to transfer money in from investments again as the school warrants are just over $86,000, and there is significantly less than that in the checking account.  I anticipate the transfer will be about $70,000. 


Cash & Budget Reports – Excise tax collections have picked up, and we may be near budget by meeting night.  The Governor has lifted the delay re-registration and cars must be registered by June 11, 2020 if they expired in March, April or May.  As I was writing this, we just got an advisory from Maine Municipal that the Secretary of State’s office has requested that we hold off on requiring registrations.  I am most confused now.


The reports will be on the website and updated periodically and printed for your meeting.


Tax Acquired Property – We have made an offer to the two abutters of Map 4 Lot 53, and the letter to the daughter of the former owner of Map 4 Lot 45-1 has been mailed out.  As of this writing, I’ve heard nothing back.


Annual Town Meeting – A separate memo is in your packet regarding the latest plan for town meeting.  Basically, you’ll gather on May 26 and adjourn without action.  I’ll have a new warrant ready to go for June 24th, and you will (hopefully) sign it on June 4th.


Transfer Station Design Update – I spoke with Chip Reeves yesterday and he had e-mailed a possible new design to give lots of flexibility.   You’ll have those for your meeting.   Let’s discuss the idea and see if you wish to run with that.


Chicken/Rooster Ordinance – You should probably follow up the discussions of the previous two meetings about the complaint regarding a crowing rooster.  A letter has been drafted for your packet, but I’m not really sure where the board wishes to go with this, so the draft remains only that for the moment. 


Civil Emergency – I hope to work on an update to your emergency order to coordinate with the state’s reopening plan.  Since we’ve modified to being open to serve limited numbers, we should probably update our local order.


Personnel Reviews – I will generate a list of those appointees whose terms expire on June 30th for boards and committees.  Traditionally, you have met with most of the regular hired staff to do reviews.  I’m not sure that would be wise this year given the social distancing requirements.  Let’s discuss what you do wish to do.


Days Off – My father’s surgery in Portland is rescheduled for June 30 (a Tuesday) and staying overnight through July 1.  I would like to request those two days off to cart him to and from South Thomaston to Portland and stay with him. 


That’s all that I have for the agenda.  See you on Thursday!