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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of June 4, 2020


Your meeting is now slated to be an in-person meeting, pending any orders to the contrary but with a zoom link for those who might want to attend.  You will be required to wear a mask and I will set up tables to socially distance us.   A laptop will be set up in the meeting room so that you can hear those attending by zoom, and if any Selectmen wishes to attend via zoom, that’s fine. 


The meeting will start at 6PM with executive sessions to do at least one personnel review and the Hodgkins Scholarship application processing.  There have not been many applications received, and the deadline is June 1st. 


If time permits, you can do my performance review prior to the 7:00 meeting time start, and if it does not, we can do it at the end. 


The regular meeting will start at 7:00 PM – that’s when the Zoom meeting and television will start – if the executive sessions end before 7, I would ask that you wait until 7PM to start.


Minutes – May 21, 2020 – Please read the minutes over and make corrections as needed. 


Warrant 26 – As of today (May 28), there are only 6 items for the warrant with the school payments making up the bulk.  There will be a payroll on June 3 that will appear along with the monthly tax deposit and other bills will no doubt trickle in.  The warrant will be posted on the website and updated periodically.


Cash & Budget Reports – This too will also be posted on the website and updated periodically.  As of today’s run, we’re looking pretty good despite the pandemic economy and should end the fiscal year under budget on expenses and right around the budget for revenues. 


Checking Account Reconciliation – When this is complete, I will e-mail it to you for consideration.  Should be able to get it done by Tuesday the 2nd.


Foreclosed Property Update – We have heard back from the previous owner’s daughter, and she is now declining to purchase the property.  My recommendation is to place this up for auction with a bid deadline of your July meeting (either the 2nd or the 9th).   I will draft up an auction ad for your consideration.


We have heard nothing back from either party abutting the small piece on Needles Eye Road – the deadline is June 15th.  One person who might be interested in one of the abutting pieces did inquire about it. 


Town Meeting Warrant – Presuming the school board and the budget committee come to an agreement on a budget, I should have a town meeting warrant for you to sign for the June 24th meeting. I’ve put the draft in your packet that I had done for your previous meeting.  The school budget articles are from the 2019 meeting, so those figures will change.


Landfill Monitoring Estimate – CES stopped by a couple of days ago to look over the landfill wells and I expect an estimate shortly. 


Appointments – I’ve sent out e-mail to our appointed board/committee members.  As expected, we’ll need a new Conservation Commission full member, and the commission has made a suggestion to move up current alternate Jack Robichaud to full status to replace Jeff Cosulich.   One of the Budget Committee members has given a hesitant yes to reappointment.  


I have job performance reviews scheduled for you as follows:


June 4 – 6PM – Town Clerk/Tax Collector Jennifer Kovacs

June 4 – either before 7PM or after regular meeting – me

June 18 – 6:30 PM – Transfer Station Manager Chris Meyer


I’ve not yet scheduled anything for the CEO or Animal Control Officer.  Were there any other paid personnel you wanted to meet with?


Meeting with Health Officer – Cece is going to join us at 7:30 PM via Zoom. I had been rather neglectful by not consulting her in all the various reactions to the COVID-19 operations and look forward to hearing her suggestions on various matters to make sure we’re operating safely.


Vehicle Registration Deadline – We’ve had such conflicting orders from Augusta on vehicle registrations that my head is swimming.  Until Tuesday the 26th, the word was that people needed to register their vehicles by June 11, 2020.  But the governor has revised this (I’ve put the revised order in your packet), and municipalities are able to set their own deadline. 


Quite frankly, this is a law enforcement matter.  I can’t imagine the Sheriff’s Department and the State Police are going to consult each municipal deadline for registrations if enforcing the registration law.  Since we don’t issue license plates, we only renew or transfer existing plates for dealer sales, I’m not sure if we really could impose a deadline other than the 30-days after the civil emergency is lifted. 


People have been very good about registering their vehicles.  On new registrations that require a plate or BMV final processing, we give them a state issued letter which serves as a temporary registration.   


I will draft up a deadline order in case you decide to go with something prior to the Governor‘s 30-days past the emergency deadline and leave the date blank.   If the BMV could decide to open on a limited basis, this would be very helpful for customers (and municipalities).  That’s in the hands of the Secretary of State though.


Honor Graduates – I’ve inquired of Ellsworth and MDI High Schools of the names of the honor grads, and will do up certificates for you to sign.  I believe the final day of school is the day after your meeting.  Certificates will be mailed this year.


Lamoine 150! – I’m not sure if Jo will have anything to update the board on, but I actually remembered to put it on the agenda this time!


That’s all I have for now.  We’re blowing through vinyl gloves pretty quickly in the office – that’s my next quest!