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Report for Meeting of June 18, 2020


Happy nearly summer!  I am writing this on June 11th, a week before your meeting. 


Reminder – your meeting will start at 6:00 PM and it will be an in person, socially distanced meeting!


It’s been quite busy at the town office, and we’re hearing some horror stories about frayed nerves at other facilities that have been closed and then reopened and business is badly backed up.  It has been very pleasant here – until we are unable to fully process a vehicle registration and the customer has to deal with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and make an appointment by phone.    I’ll leave it at that, but our decision to continue operating keeping the office staffed but closed is looking like it was indeed the correct one. 


Maine DOT has been busy paving the state highways this week.  The motoring public has been enjoying (for the most part) a much smoother ride.  Most recognize that it’s only a thin coat of pavement that won’t last very many years. 


One of the busy matters is the upcoming primary election and absentee balloting.  Jennifer & I mailed out more than 60 ballots yesterday from the requests that have come in by mail and e-mail.  I’ve issued several in person today.


Today I have been dealing with a very bad windows update that I eventually rolled back because printing suddenly was not working correctly on the big printer.  If your computer update asks you to install version 2004, I do not recommend it!


I was not planning to put this meeting onto Zoom, but advertising that if people wish to address the board, they should make an appointment and can do so one at a time.


Personnel Reviews/Contracts – I’ve scheduled meetings with the CEO for 6PM, the Transfer Station Manager at 6:30 and the Facilities Maintenance Director at 6:45.  Evaluation Sheets and current work agreements are in your packets.


Minutes – June 4, 2020 – Please look over the minutes from the previous meeting for errors. 


Warrant 27 – This is a big one.  The MDI High tuition bill is included in this.  I will likely have to move about $325,000 from the investment account to the checking account to cover this one.  The warrant will be posted on the website (when I get it done), and periodically updated.


Cash & Budget Reports – as with the warrant, this will be posted on line and updated, printed the day of your meeting.


Foreclosed Property – Monday the 15th is the deadline for offers on the small, triangular property on Needles Eye Road.  We’ve received on offer. 


I have posted the 176 Needles Eye Road property on the website and it will be in next week’s paper.  Already had at least 5 inquiries about the property in less than 24 hours.  I have no doubt this will generate decent offers.


Request for pre-approval of Lamoine 150! Payment for book – Cynthia Donaldson called yesterday and the committee was going to discuss getting the history of Lamoine book printed.  Some up-front payment is required, and the committee may request pre approval of that so they can get a check between warrants.


Personnel Appointments – The proposed list in on the agenda.  I will have appointment papers drawn up.  There are a few blank lines.


Meeting with Fire Chief – Skip Smith asked to meet with you.  Among the items he wishes to discuss is an addition to the fire station, and future truck replacement.


Birchlawn Rooster – There has been another complaint about the rooster that I fielded on the phone from a neighbor on Buttermilk Road.  I will draft a letter to the rooster owner for your possible consideration on Thursday.


Broadband Expansion. – There are a couple of communications from Brian Lippold on this.  They’re in your packet.  One has to do with alternative companies and the other is a show of support for Question 1 on the July 14 ballot.


Town Meeting Matters – I would like to discuss the possibility that more than 50 people show up for the town meeting on June 24th, and what should happen if that is the case.   We will need to amend one article.  Just after your meeting, we got word from the State Treasurer that they erred on the maximum interest rate, and it’s only 8% for 2020. 


Lamoine Quarterly – I’ll hope to get started on that soon.


Meeting Dates – I have July 2, 2020 down.  That is the date that bids are due on the 176 Needles Eye property.  You will want to set a special town meeting for sometime in August to dispose of that property and the other piece referred to earlier. 


I’m not sure how frequently you would like to meet in the summer.  Generally you’ve met once per month in July and August, but I’m thinking that might not work this year given all the turbulence.


We’ll see you on Thursday!