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Report for Meeting of July 2, 2020


Happy New (Fiscal) Year!  I’ve gotta say that I am very relieved that we were able to legally hold the annual town meeting last night (This is being written on June 25, 2020).  Those in attendance were well engaged, asked great questions, and took care of business efficiently.  And by having attendance of under 50, we complied with state executive orders on gatherings.  A big thank you to the school department that helped to set things up.  We were prepared with an overflow room that could have accommodated a few more attendees if needed.  The only glitch to the evening was the TV telecast (and hopefully no one noticed in the meeting room).  We set up a zoom meeting to connect with the overflow room, and to pull it into the town hall.  Unfortunately, the laptop used to host the meeting would not stay connected to the school’s wi-fi, and it failed about 2-minutes before the meeting started.  I rebooted the computer and it failed again about 40-minutes into the event, and I did not bother rebooting.  The event was recorded on the computer at the school, so I hope to be able to retrieve that for the town hall channels.


You have a very busy agenda for the first meeting of the year, and I’m not sure if I will be able to get to everything that needs to be gotten to!   Remember, I’ll be out of the office on Tuesday and Wednesday next week to attend to my dad in Portland, so I’ll have to cram three days worth of work into one.  And, on a personal note, baseball season starts tomorrow evening.  Though I won’t be umping many games this summer, it’ll be nice to get one in!


This has been an extremely busy week for the two of us in the office.  Besides the obvious town meeting matters to attend to, business has been extremely brisk, exacerbated by the level of absentee balloting.  We’ve kept up, but we’re not working ahead at all!


Executive Session – You’ll be meeting at 6:30 with Animal Control Officer Shannon Byers.  It’s been a while, and I will try to get one of the eval forms to her (and you).  This will include a discussion of her pay rate.


Contracts – After the executive session, it’s time to renew the contracts with those employees who are contracted.  They’re prepared and ready to go for the most part.  Just a blank on the hourly rate for the ACO.


Minutes June 18, 2020 – Please review carefully.  The last meeting was a little difficult to write in a semi-summarizing style because of the subject matter, and I try to avoid putting words into peoples’ mouths, but at the same time, a verbatim transcript is hardly needed.  Please, if you see something that is not correctly worded, let me know!


Meeting with Brian Lippold - Mr. Lippold will join you via Zoom link at 7PM or so.  I’ll set up the laptop (hopefully the wi-fi will work better than town meeting!).  He’s the broadband consultant, and I had asked him to hold off on anything until after 7/1.  You can discuss what strategy there is to move ahead.


Warrant 28 – The last regular warrant of the fiscal year will contain those bills attributed to FY 19/20.  So far, it’s not too big, and I don’t think we’ll have to move any money from investments to the checking account. 


Warrant 1 – Generally we pay the onetime charges at the first of the fiscal year.  We have a few bills, and I’ll try to get that prepared on Monday.  Both warrants will be posted on the website and updated periodically and printed for Thursday’s meeting.


Cash & Budget Reports – I’ll only be able to prepare the FY 20 report – formatting the new fiscal year takes some time!


Checking Account Reconciliation - I doubt that this will be ready for the meeting, as the bank is unlikely to have the statement ready until mid-day. 


Encumbrance Order – Because the fiscal year runs out on Tuesday and there are projects that were approved for that year that we won’t get done, there will have to be encumbrances.  This will include the cupola project (approved last night), crack sealing on Walker Road, a few other road projects that our contractors have not yet performed, and stuff I haven’t really given much thought to.  There likely will be a 2nd round of encumbrances later in July. 


Quitclaim Deed – Map 4 Lot 52 – Mr. Morren plans to drop off a check by July 1st, and he’s good with the deed that I’ve drawn up for your signature.   He’s pretty excited to start building a home!


Map 4 Lot 53 – Payment is already in hand for the bid price on this lot.  Town meeting approval is all that will be needed.


Map 4 Lot 45-1 – The bids are due the afternoon of the meeting.  There has been a LOT of interest in this property.   It’ll be interesting to see how much the winning offer is.


Town Meeting Review – Other than the debate on the wording of the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance Question (I apologize if it sounded like I was a little ticked off by the discussion, it was a blindside to me), I thought things went as well as could be expected. It was awkward not promoting town meeting in order to keep attendance within the state mandate maximum. 


Comprehensive Plan – The final step for the comp plan is to have the board chair sign a submission document to the State of Maine.   With that done and the plan send to the state, the committee can officially be decommissioned.  I will do my darndest to create some thank-you certificates for the committee members.   Fred Stocking has “turned in his building key”. 


Special Town Meeting – I am recommending that you hold a quick special town meeting at your next meeting on July 23rd for the purposes of authorizing the sale of the tax acquired property (both Map 4 Lot 53 and Map 4 Lot 45-1), and to appropriate money from the undesignated fund balance for an expected overage on the Waste Disposal budget for FY 2019/20.  I hope to have a pretty close estimate on that by meeting time.


Code Enforcement – I’ve put memos/documents from Rebecca in regard to various matters she is investigating with your materials.  There are no actions for you to take at the moment – but there likely will be some action needed to resolve some of these matters in the future.  Basically, this is for informational purposes only. 


Roads – I spoke with Roger Picard today, and the bids will be opened on July 7.   It’s pretty late to be bidding paving projects.   We should know prices by your next meeting.   We will need to replace a culvert on Shore Road in the proposed paving area – it’s humped up pretty high and I suspect it’s an older metal pipe


Land Donation – I spoke with Aaron Dority this afternoon.  The Frenchman Bay Conservancy now holds a conservation easement on the land, and the donors plan to deed over the land to the town in July.  He would like you to meet with the Whitcomb sisters via zoom on July 23rd to “finalize” the donation.  It’ll be an opportunity to thank them for their generous donation.  He noted there is a large pile of illegally dumped trash on the area being donated that should be cleaned up.  He suggested a joint cleanup utilizing FBC and the parks commission.  I told him I thought we could probably accomplish that.


Lamoine Quarterly I’ve been working on this evenings at home (less interruptions) and made good progress for a while.  Hope to have it nearly done by meeting night.  What I’ve got so far will be in your packet.


Next Meetings - Dates for off-week warrant signings are on here.  Going more than 2-weeks between warrants gets awkward. 


That’s all (it’s a lot!) for this meeting.  See you on July 2nd.