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Report for Meeting of December 17, 2020


This will be your last regular meeting of 2020.  Perhaps everything that has happened this year will magically disappear with the change of the calendar year, but I’m not optimistic about immediate change.


Your meeting will start at 6:30 PM with an executive session with attorney Charles Gilbert who will represent the board and CEO in the Moldawer/True matter.  The regular meeting will start at 7:00 PM


I’ve been able to keep the town office going by flying solo for the past week (I’m writing this on Wednesday, December 9th).  Depending on testing, we’ll be solo until at least next Monday, possibly longer.  Business has been pretty light, but I’m afraid that I’m piling up filing for the affected employee who sends along her hopes to return to work quickly as the situation dictates. 


I have advertised on our Facebook page and on the town hall’s web page that opening may be sporadic.  I had an eye doctor appointment Monday that necessitated closing at 2:30 PM.  I also have my annual physical next Tuesday (the 15th) first thing in the morning, so we’ll be opening late that morning.   Fire calls are the biggest unknown.  I have a sign that hangs on the door for those – we had one last week and it blew off in the raging wind as I was leaving. 


Your agenda is kind of busy.  As mentioned on the e-mail that I sent with the prelim agenda, this will be a Zoom meeting for the most part.  If you feel the need to be at the town hall instead of home, I will have the “hybrid” meeting set up.  I will be at the town hall to host the meeting electronically.  Please let me know ahead of time which option you plan to utilize.


Minutes – December 3, 2020 – As always, written edits are most welcome.


Warrant 15 – The December plowing bill is on here.  I have also ordered a different drop box (this one is weather proof).  It’ll be here sometime in January.  We still had grant money left form the election grant.  Jay and Perry Fowler have finished up the fall road work, and that bill will be on the warrant, as is a bill from Greg Gleason for re-installing the kiosk at Blunt’s Pond and installing the new kiosk at Marlboro Beach. 


The warrant will be periodically updated on the website.


Cash & Budget Reports – Depending on the size of the school warrants, we will likely have to transfer some money from investments to cover the warrant.   I will periodically post the reports on the website as well.


Meeting with Chip Reeves – Mr. Reeves should join you via zoom for this meeting.  His company’s name has changed from CEO to Haley Ward.  Hopefully there will be materials for your packet.


Broadband – We were supposed to get together with Mr. Lippold last evening but a crash on Buttermilk Road knocked out power and Internet and many members of the Tech Committee were not able to attend via zoom, so that has been postponed.  I e-mailed a sheet from him to you yesterday (12/8) and that will be in your packet.  I expect he and I will chat again this week and there will be something more.


Zone Change – A communication from Planning Board Chair John Holt is in your packet in regard to a recommendation to the request from Mr. Crawford to have the zoning on his property changed.   Mr. Holt also sent the communication to Mr. Crawford.


COVID 19 Update – I’ll have any fresh news on the exposure for the meeting. As of now, it’s just me in the office to do the public transactions.  The Code Enforcement Officer is doing inspections in person, but everything else will be done by phone and e-mail as needed.   It’s kind of quiet in here.


Budget Recommendations – The Budget Committee meets on Monday before your meeting.  I’m uncomfortable with the budget because it shows about $64,000 more needed for the municipal side of property taxes.  The main reason is the $75,000 we have put in for the transfer station project with no further use of the transfer station fund.  Without that, we’d be looking at a slight property tax reduction for the municipal side.  There are some choices – you could utilize some more of the transfer station fund (I suspect there will be money left), delay funding this, or ask the town to borrow for a project.  We might know after tonight where things stand on the costs.   


I’ll be having this discussion with the Budget Committee on Monday as well.  If you are available to zoom in, please do.


Registrar of Voters appointments – The 2-year appointments for the registrar and deputy run out in December by state statute.  I would propose reappointing Jennifer as the Registrar and me as her deputy again.


Contract – Small Animal Clinic – The annual contract is up for renewal with the Small Animal Clinic for stray dogs and cats.  A copy is in your packet.


Regional Shellfishing – This is on the agenda per the discussion at last meeting.  There was some desire to discuss the report on restoring clam flats.   You got that report last meeting.


Lamoine 150! – The committee meets on December 10th.  Jo should have any update that is needed.


Lamoine Quarterly – I’ll be working on this and may have part of a draft ready for the meeting if all is quiet.   It’s also town report composition time, and I’ll be working on that as well.


Town meeting time line – The Planning Board will be proposing a few amendments to our ordinances, and those should be finalized after their meeting in January.  You’ll need to hold a public hearing on the liquor question and I’ve proposed that to be prior to your regular meeting on February 18th.  The Planning Board is also required to hold a public hearing on any zoning ordinance changes, and I’ve offered that same date to Chairman Holt.    My hope is that you’ll sign the town meeting warrant on February 4th.


That’s the view from the town office.  Happy holidays!