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Report for Meeting of February 18, 2021



Brrr….it’s starting to feel like winter!  Even basketball “season” seems like winter, as I’ve gotten a lot of referee assignments in the past two weeks.   That season will end in another week or so, and volleyball season will begin sometime in March.  It’s kind of nice to get out of the office and see some different faces.


Business has started to pick up a bit at the town office as the 2nd half property tax payment is due at the end of the month.  Our cash flow has been fairly strong, and we expect the escrow checks any day now. 


You’re got a two page agenda, due to the public hearings that are scheduled to start the meeting.  Remember 6:30 Start Time!!!!


The meeting will be a hybrid.  I’ve opened up the Facebook invitation on line.  You are welcome to meet at the town hall or from home (or wherever you Zoom from).  We may get a fair amount of comment on the 9 public hearing items. 


The town meeting warrant, ordinance amendments and sample ballot will be in your packets to assist you with the conduct of the hearing.  The chair should open each item separately, accept comment on each item, close that item, and open the next one.  Voters are invited to also submit written testimony – I can scan anything written and post it on the website. 


I am posting the town meeting warrant this (Feb 10, 2021) morning, along with the specimen ballots, ordinance amendments and the February calendar at the two usual spots outside of the town hall – (School, Transfer Station).


Minutes – February 4, 2021 – Please look over the minutes.  Your meeting wasn’t all that long last meeting, but packed full of important stuff.  Make sure I got it right!


Expenditure Warrant 20 So far the plowing bill is the largest item.  We’ll have school payroll and AP Warrant as well that’ll come in next Wednesday most likely.  Other than the usual monthly / bi-weekly bills and payroll, nothing much exciting is on here.  The warrant will be updated periodically on the website and printed the day of the meeting.


Cash & Budget Reports – These reports will be updated on the website as well.  If we get the audit in, I’ll actually have a 4th page for you to reflect the impact of current operations on the various fund balances.


Letter from Alan Moldawer – This is the matter you asked to have placed on this agenda that came in just before the last meeting without adequate time for review.  You have received advice from Attorney Charles Gilbert in regard to this. 


Town Meeting – Since you did not have the audit, I removed the column on the various fund accounts with the June 30, 2020 fund balances from the warrant.   The audit is due this week, and I’ll put the balances in the power point presentation for the town meeting.


The looming issue for town meeting is the in person limit order from the Governor.  We’re all set for Election Day (Jennifer is lining up ballot clerks).   I’ll have the latest order from Gov. Mills in your packet and cross our fingers that things might be relaxed come March 1st.   We can discuss the options on Meeting night.


Town Report – Everything except for the audit has come in.  I will e-mail the draft to you when the audit comes in and I can finalize the report.  As for the audit, my plan is to include the yearend balance sheet, the letter from the auditor, and a statement that the full audit is available for review at the town hall and on the town’s website.  This will cut down on the printing costs.  


Efficiency Maine – They are promoting heat pumps for municipal operations.  I’ve put the flyer in the packet.


Workers Compensation – I’ve put a couple of pages of a program to possibly cut insurance costs by 10%.  It looks like an awful lot of work for not all that much saving.  Your call.


Lamoine 150! – The state’s bicentennial organization awarded the town a $2,000 grant a while back, but we’ve not received the money.   A gentleman from the state called and I put him in touch with Cynthia Donaldson who followed up.  Part of the grant was an assistance in funding to the grange for repair of the backdrop on the stage ($500).  When we get the money, that expenditure will be going out.


That’s the report for this meeting.  I’ll see you either in person or electronically on the 18th.