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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of March 4, 2021


Greetings from the final week of February.  I’m not sure why the shortest month of the year seems so long.  I’m writing this the morning of the 24th, and the fire chief and I are due to get our 2nd COVID-19 vaccinations today.  I’ve blocked out basketball for tonight and possibly tomorrow just in case of reactions, but I do plan to work at the town hall both days unless it really hits hard!


This is the final week of the regular basketball season.  There will be some playoffs next week, and if I have any assignments, there won’t be many.  It’s been kind of fun seeing some different people and getting some exercise in these unusual circumstances.   Volleyball season starts in March, and I expect that will also keep me occupied outside of the office.


Your meeting isn’t too jammed up with items, but there are a couple of discussions the board needs to have.


Minutes – February 18, 2021 – They are long.  Please look them over for accuracy – I really do appreciate any corrections you might have.


Expenditure Warrant 21 – This will be a big one as we’ll transfer funds from the checking account into the investment account as property taxes are coming in.  We’re getting a bit nervous – the Core Logic Payments, which are the bulk of the bank mortgage escrow payments, have not come in as of this writing.   The warrant will be updated on the website and printed the day of your meeting.


Cash & Budget Reports – These will also be updated periodically on the website and printed on meeting day.  So far, things look pretty good.


Checking Account Reconciliation – This will be done prior to the meeting and e-mailed to you as usual.


Audit – The audit is done and in your packets


Town Meeting – This is one of the big discussions you will have.  There is a nice publication from Maine Municipal in your packets with the guidance on town meeting.  Unless something changes before March 17th, I will recommend that we do like last year and gather only to recess to a date certain.  I have e-mailed Katrina Kane to see what the school might be looking at for a date for the school budget.  


The other option is that we can hope to do like last June and hold the town meeting in the gym in a socially distanced manner and hope that fewer than 50 people show up.  That is not my recommendation.  Some of the articles are likely to draw a lot of people and discussion. 


The issues include how you wish to proceed; how do you wish to publicize whatever action that might involve, and I’m sure lots of other questions!


Broadband – There is material from Brian Lippold in the packet.  We have yet to reach out to Spectrum/Charter (it just came in late on the 24th).  At this point you have some minor decisions to make and I will reach out to Spectrum/Charter for a price.  Brian and I agreed there was no need to have him meet with you for this meeting – maybe on the 18th.   We did just get our $15,000+ franchise fee payment from Spectrum!


Target Practice Complaint – We recently have received a complaint about the amount of gunfire coming from a gravel pit area off Route 204.  Apparently it’s constant, involves assault type weapons, and the folks in the Marlboro Woods Subdivision are displeased.  I’ve e-mailed the Code Enforcement Officer and Planning Board for thoughts on this.  This is the 2nd area of discussion to have.


Electric Vehicle Charging Station – Is this something we’d like to pursue?  A memorandum is in your packet from A Climate to Thrive.


Lamoine 150! – Our official 151st birthday is Monday, March 1st.  The 150! Committee has given us “birthday bits” that I’ve put on the web page this week leading up to the non-celebration.     Jo might have more to update the board on.




See you on the 4th.