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Report for Meeting of April 1, 2021


I give no credence to bad omens about meeting on April Fool’s Day.  I can foolish any other day of the year too!


I don’t know about you, but the “solar therapy” we got starting last weekend was wonderful!  Between getting vaccinated fully and some warmth and sunshine, life seems so much better.  I have been reffing a lot of volleyball the past two weeks.  I am writing this on Thursday morning, and have an assignment in Lee this evening.  Supposed to do a match in Calais on Monday, too.  (and they were supposed to keep us close to home!). The season ends in a couple of weeks; just in time for baseball season to start.


It’s been a little like Christmas around the town hall.  The new clock is installed over the meeting room monitor.  We won’t have to reset it after power outages!  The new message board has arrived.  Mike Hodgkins will be installing that soon. 


Your agenda (the correct one!) is fairly manageable.  I’ll have the zoom meeting set up from the town hall.  If you wish to attend in person, feel free.  If you wish to zoom in from another location, that is still allowed.    There’s not a lot to sign (just the warrant and checking account review, and both of those can be by roll-call vote). 


Minutes – March 18, 2021 – Please review the minutes for any errors.  You can e-mail corrections if you wish.


Expenditure Warrant 23 – There’s not a lot on the warrant as of this writing (payroll, taxes, and new message board).  The school warrants will come in Wednesday afternoon, and we’ll have the state reports on Thursday to do.  I will post what we have on the website and update periodically, and print and e-mail the final warrant on Thursday.


Cash & Budget Reports – The reports will be updated periodically on the website, and again, printed and e-mailed on Thursday.


Quarterly Excise Tax Report – I will generate that sometime on Thursday, post, print and e-mail as well. 


Checking Account Reconciliation – Being the first day of the month, and having a lot of other treasury material to get updated on meeting day, this might be tough.  The bank is not always ready with a statement on the 1st.  If it’s ready, I will get it done as soon as I can and e-mail and post it.  If not, it will have to wait until the next meeting.


Information Request – Moldawer v. CEO II I sent the draft of the lengthy compilation to you and will send that final to Mr. Moldawer and Mr. Harris via e-mail when the agenda is posted. 


Regional Shellfishing – I am in hopes that Kathleen can give a brief update of where things stand.  I get the e-mail from the Joint Municipal Board members, and Ellsworth has given written notice that they do not intend to continue as the Administrative Community.  Beyond that, I don’t know where things stand.


Risk Management Report – I’ve copied off the report from our insurance carrier who was in town last week to inspect some of our facilities.  A few wall studs at the salt/sand shed need to be replaced (the loader whacked them), and we have to implement a training program from the Transfer Station guys and the Facilities Maintenance Director.  I will adapt the fire department’s training programs for those positions and endeavor to get them trained. 


I would note that Chris Meyer will be off the weekend of April 2 & 3.  Brandon Robitaille will fill in for him.


Filing Assistance – We were contacted by an organization that helps find (and pay for) employment for their clients.  I’ve put their brochure in your packets.  They were looking for some very part time office work for a Lamoine resident, and we can always use help with filing papers away.  I met with the case worker, the young lady and her Dad earlier this week, and we’ll be able to make this work to everyone’s advantage, and it won’t cost the town any money or be a time burden.  I would like the board’s authority to move forward with this. 


Lamoine 150! – I don’t believe there will have been a meeting between now and your meeting, but this is on the agenda as a matter of practice (when I remember to put it on!).


Broadband – Stimulus – We’re still waiting to hear the guidelines for what our expected $169,000+ can be used.  Broadband expansion has consistently been one of those uses.


Personnel Review Schedule – Let’s discuss how you wish to do that this year.


Lamoine Quarterly – I hope to have the paper pretty much done by meeting night.  I will e-mail you a draft ahead of the meeting.    I don’t know if you saw the MMA’s Town & City magazine for this month, but they did a very flattering article about the paper.  I’ll photocopy it and place it in your packet.


That’s all I have on the agenda.  If you have anything crop up between now and meeting night, let me know and it can go on the addendum.    See you on Thursday!