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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of April 15, 2021


We have some lovely bunches of crocuses that have sprouted and bloomed in front of the town office.  The on line color version is much nicer than the printed black and white version, but I figured I’d snap a picture and put it in your report – because it really is starting to feel like spring!


We managed to limit our closures this week to only lunchtime on Tuesday.  I was able to switch volleyball officiating assignments on Monday, and my bride brought me lunch on Wednesday.  It has been steady but not hugely busy in the office, so that’s been kind of nice too.


We had an interesting issue as the Planning Board tried to meet on Monday.  Spectrum had a major outage which prevented the town office (and virtually everyone else in Maine) from connecting to the Internet.  That necessitated cancellation of the Planning Board meeting.  I was able to connect to the town’s Facebook page on the cell phone and post that we were having issues and the meeting likely would not take place.


Your agenda is busier than I thought it might be.  There are not a lot of things to sign (so far, only the expenditure warrant).  


Remember, you’ll start with a personnel evaluation at 6:30 with me in executive session.  My contract expires June 30th, so we’ll have to negotiate a new deal.  I’ll insert a fairly reasonable proposal.


Minutes – Please look over the minutes for any errors.


Warrant 24 – Another good sign of spring – the final snow plowing bill for the season is included.  Richard also did the repairs to the salt/sand shed the insurance company and PDQ Door requested, so those bills are on there as well.  Otherwise, nothing earth shaking so far.


Cash & Budget Reports – These will be updated on the website periodically and a printed copy made and posted the day of your meeting.


Attorney Costs – Moldawer v. CEO II – We keep getting small bills from the Appeals Board attorney in this matter because he keeps getting copies of letters submitted by Mr. Moldawer.  I would suggest that the Selectmen let Mr. Collier know that the Appeals Board’s role in this matter is terminated and he can disregard future correspondence. 


ACO Retirement – As I forwarded to you, our wonderful Animal Control Officer Shannon Byers is not going to renew her contract with it expires on June 30th.  She has given plenty of notice.  In my reply to her, I was sincere when I said it will be darn near impossible to replace her.   I’ll prepare a letter to her accepting her decision (it might have a tear stain on it!).   More importantly, you’ll have to start a search for a new animal control officer.   Let’s discuss how to do that.


Lamoine 150! – The committee meets on Thursday the 8th and will discuss further the fireworks situation.  Cynthia has indicated they’ll need more help through August.  I’ve indicated to her that the committee could recruit associate members without formal Selectboard appointment.


Road CommissionerSpring Road Work List – I’m hoping to take a ride around town Thursday or Friday to come up with a list of work that needs doing to send out to our in-town contractors who do that sort of thing.   We’re in decent shape in the road budget, and I’m in hopes that we can get some of the ditching work done that needs doing, and some tree trimming.   I’ll have the list to you as soon as we can.


Paving Consultant – I have e-mailed Haley-Ward (Chip Reeves) and await a cost estimate for their services to supervise the bidding and application of paving on Buttermilk Road.   When I get that back, it’ll go into your packet.


Revaluation RFP – The Assessors have done up a request for proposals for the proposed revaluation.  A copy is in your packet.  My recommendation would be to wait until town meeting actually approves the budget for this.  Anecdotally, the Assessors are telling me that some people have decided to put their property up for sale in fear that they will have a sizable tax increase.


Policy/Programs – I’ve drafted up a pair of policies for programs that our insurance carrier says we need to do for making sure a couple of our workers are adequately documented to have received required training.  They will be in your packets.  Please look them over and suggest any changes.


Transfer Station Capacity – I inquired of the Maine DEP if we could add a dumpster for MSW, and her reply (positive) is in your packet.  We’ve sent an e-mail to Pine Tree Waste (Casella) to see how much it might cost to do that.


Regional Shellfishing – I suspect Kathleen can update the board on where things stand with the Regional Shellfishing effort. 


That’s all for now.  Your meetings will start at 6:30 for the next few meetings to conduct employee reviews in executive session.   The Hodgkins Scholarship deadline is June 1st, so the subcommittee to award the scholarships should meet at 6PM on June 3rd to make the decisions.  You probably should appoint a subcommittee.


See you Thursday…..