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Report for Meeting of May 6, 2021


What a beautifully sunny past two days after a Monday where the temperature dipped to 39-degrees and it was snowing while umpiring a baseball game.  I’m writing this on Wednesday afternoon the 28th of April. 


Things are good here in the office.  The skeptic in me wonders what’ll happen next to mess that up, but it’s been a productive past two weeks.  For months, the computers have been updating Windows 10 to a new version, and the one I use had issues with the database producing PDF reports.  I finally found a forum which explained how to easily fix that, and now all the computers are able to produce those reports with the newest version of Windows 10.


It’s been very busy the last couple of weeks (though today was kind of slow – the car dealers must be running out of inventory!).  Our excise tax collections are incredible, and our two busiest months of the year (typically) are ahead.  We’ll be well over budget on that revenue. 


Building permit activity has started to ratchet up this week, too!  The outdoor mask mandate has been lifted for the most part.  The end of the pandemic may be in sight.   I have submitted my plan to retire from the radio news job to the station – the last day I plan to get up at 3:30 AM will be July 2nd.  And my Dad will celebrate his 88th birthday on Saturday. 


But, the biggest news of all – the Osprey Cam is now operational!  We found it this afternoon as I was composing the report.  I’ve put a link on the town’s website.


Your meeting will start with Jennifer’s job performance review at 6:30 in executive session with the regular meeting starting at 7PM. 


Minutes – April 15, 2021 – Look over the minutes for errors if you would.  Written corrections are most appreciated.


Expenditure Warrant 25 – You will (hopefully) sign that on April 29th so that school payments can be transferred on time (amongst other things).  The largest payments, as usual, will be the school expenses.  A digital audio recorder for the CTV system and the Lamoine 150! Radio Theater productions has been purchased and is in the process of going into service (once we figure out the intricacies of using it), and a new printer is in the clerk’s office replacing the one we put in about 6-years ago, which was transferred to the fire station for the chief to use.   Other than that, nothing earth shattering.


Expenditure Warrant 26 – This should be relatively small – payroll, month end reports, and whatever bills straggle in between the 29th and the 6th.   I’ll update the website with the warrant periodically.


Budget Reports – We’re below budget on expenses and ahead on revenues.  I would call that pretty good.   The reports will be updated on the website periodically.  I have printed one as of the 29th for your packet.


Checking Account Reconciliation The bank statement will come out Monday. You might note an Uber charge – the debit card got hacked again after an Amazon purchase.  A dispute was filed and the money returned to the bank account.  Had to get another new card.  I suspect the statement will reconcile pretty easily.   I will e-mail you the reconciliation files when it’s done.


Contracts – I’ve revised the contract with me based on our discussion at the last meeting.  Thank you very much for the support!  Remember, an amendment to the town meeting article will have to be made to account for the revised amount.


An update for the final year of Jennifer’s contract will also be in your packet.


Bids – The road and tree work package that you voted to move ahead with last meeting is due on meeting night.  I’ll be interesting to see what we get for offers.   I await the RFP for supervising paving, and will e-mail the engineer to see when we might expect that.


Returnables – We have one request and May is the next month to be assigned.  It’s from Frenchman Bay Riders.


Animal Control Officer Status – I’ll reach out to Debbie and/or Shannon to see where their discussion stands.  Hope to have an update for the meeting.


Welcome to Lamoine Sign Offer – The welcome signs on Jordan River Road and Douglas Highway are now about 20-years old and they’ve started to fade and mold.  Jon Mohr has offered to make new signs (for free!).  I would like approval by the board to take him up on his offer.


Regional Shellfishing Franklin is officially the host community.  I suspect Kathleen will have more on the program for the meeting.


Lamoine 150! – The committee meets prior to the Selectmen’s meeting, and I suspect Jo will have an update.


Town Meeting – We should be getting close to a school budget.  I’ve mocked up the language (don’t have the budget figures for the school budget yet) for the special meeting warrant and a copy will be in your packet.  Katrina has reviewed the language and had no issues.


The plan is to have the Board sign the warrant on May 12th so that we can get it legally posted on time for the 26th.  The Special meeting will start at 6PM and that will be followed by the recessed meeting from March.


Vacations – Jennifer has requested vacation from June 1 through the 8th.  I will ask Nancy if she can cover the phone and we’ll try to get her up to speed on normal transactions if she’s available.   I have sort of blocked that time period from baseball – available only after 3:30 PM for the week, but that’s a heavy time for games, and the schools need all the umps they can get.   We can talk about that.


I would like to take the week of July 26th off.  My bride of 41 years (we celebrate that on the 26th) and I have rented a cottage on a beach in South Portland.  We also have booked our previously canceled trip to a Caribbean Island for the week after Election Day in November, and I will request that week as well.


That’s the report- I’ll see you on the 6th.