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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of June 17, 2021


Your last regular meeting for the fiscal year has a very long agenda – I apologize for that.  Most of the matters, though, should not be very lengthy.  I had to use a smaller font on the printed agenda just to fit it on two pages, but the back page is the list of appointments to make.


We’re almost catching our breath at the town office.  Jennifer is back from her vacation.  Nancy Jones filled in during the afternoon hours. Thankfully it wasn’t all that busy with customers.   We have been getting property value updates into the computer for the Board of Assessors in anticipation of the 2021/22 tax commitment.  Jane Fowler is working feverishly on that – lots of updates this year!


I’ll be starting to write the Lamoine Quarterly next week.  The good news is that high school baseball season ends on Saturday for me – American Legion schedule is not all that busy so far. 


You will start at 6:30 again with the job performance/contract negotiation with the transfer station manager.  The regular meeting will begin at 7PM.


Minutes of June 3, 2021 Thank you for reading the minutes closely this year and picking up on the errors.  It makes it that much more accurate.


Warrant 29 – As of this writing the warrant is at a little over $112,000.   Town payroll will be on there on Monday, but we should have enough in the checking account to cover the costs.   We will have to move some at the end of the month to cover the school payroll and A/P warrant I suspect. The warrant will be updated on the website periodically and printed for meeting night.


Cash & Budget Reports – The municipal side of the budget is looking very positive.  These reports will also be updated on the website periodically and printed for meeting night.


30-day notices – I expect that we will be sending out lien notices in the next couple of weeks.  As of this writing, we have about 170-taxpayers who’ve not made full payment yet.


Meeting with Fire Chief – I believe Skip will follow up with your request from last meeting regarding availability and prices on used trucks.  I know he has been able to trim down some on the new truck proposal


Appointments & Contracts – There are four contracted positions that have contracts expiring at the end of June.  I put the proposed contracts in last meeting’s packet for comment.  Having heard none so far, they will stand.  You’ve not yet discussed the contract with the transfer station manager.    I have attempted to contact all those whose appointments expire at the end of the month.  Those who’ve indicated they will be willing to serve again are listed on the back of the agenda.  There are some who’ve not gotten back to me.


Request from Board of Appeals Chair – There is an e-mail message from Griff in regard to forming a committee to go over all the ordinances and suggest updates.  This might make for an interesting discussion.


PERC – There’s a notice from PERC about our solid waste going to a landfill instead of being burned, for what it’s worth.  No action is needed, this is FYI.


Returnables – I am struck by how little action there is for the returnable proceeds.  If we don’t get a couple more soon, I’ll stick one in for the Veterans’ Memorial Fund and another for the Parks Fund.  You have two requests for this meeting.


Signed Ordinances – The ordinances that were amended by town meeting need to be signed for official filing.  I did not make copies for your packet (they’re both very long).  The new versions of the Building & Land Use Ordinance and Site Plan Review Ordinance are posted on line. Jennifer will need a signed version to put into the town record books.


Code Enforcement Update – There are three communications from Rebecca regarding active violations or complaints that she has investigated.  I have also done up a brief memorandum in regard to a meeting that she and I had with the Maine DEP Shorelands Coordinator and the DHHS Plumbing Program representative. 


Cell Tower Lease Update – Dan Pileggi has reviewed the offer, the current contracts etc.  He asked if he could speak with American Tower’s representative and I gave him permission to do so.  An e-mail from him is in your packets.


ARPA Funds Update – I sent you the link to the webinar that MMA sponsored.  I didn’t get much out of that.  The state is passing legislation to distribute the funds, and I suspect we’ll know more after the bill passes.   If anything new comes in before the meeting, I will update you on it.


High School Honor Grads – I finally got hold of MDI High – there are a half dozen honor grads from that school this year.  You’ll have certificates to sign for your meeting.  The names are listed on your agenda.


Paving Contract – Haley-Ward is happy to do the contract/bidding portion only.  I have signed the agreement to proceed with bid award for your July 1 meeting.


Lamoine 150!The committee meets before your meeting and Jo should have an update.


You’ll set the summer meeting schedule.  Generally you shoot for one meeting a month in July and August. 

See you Thursday! - stu