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Report for Meeting of July 1, 2021


Happy Summer!

Happy New (fiscal) Year!

Happy End of the State of Emergency!


And the weather is nice to boot.  I am writing this on June 24th, just six days left in the fiscal year and the state of emergency for the pandemic.  Yesterday I was able to collect the water samples for our annual residential water testing requirement around the former landfill.  That went pretty smoothly (though we had a fire call as I was headed to ship the water- no biggie!).  Speaking of fire calls, one came in as I was starting this report – the fire department has been pretty busy in June – (geez, another one came in at lunch – that’s 12 for June already!)


Jennifer & I sent out the notices of unpaid property taxes prior to going into lien this week.  More on that later in the report. 


I am in hopes you’ll have a relatively brief meeting as you’ve done a lot the last few meetings.   This meeting starts at 7PM.  No executive sessions are needed (that I know of).


Minutes – June 17, 2021 – As always, thank you for corrections.  It’s easiest if you can write them on your copy of the minutes and put them in the signed document box.


Warrant 30 – This is your final FY 2020/21 warrant (they’re not the final bills for the year, though, several of the upcoming warrants will show up as accounts payable).   So far you’ve got school warrants, postage bills for the 30-day notices and nothing unusual.  There will be a payroll for June 30th.  Both Jennifer & I will have a double payroll, so that will look big.  We split the contract into 27 payments for those fiscal years that end up with 27-pay periods, and the final payroll of the year often will result in a double pay, and that’s the case for FY 20/21.    My bride is rather excited about the larger than normal check!  The warrant will be updated periodically on the website.


Warrant 1 – This will also be posted on the website.  Normally I schedule the one-time payments on this warrant (social service agencies, annual contracts, etc).  There are a few renewals that will be on here (accounting software, excise tax price subscriptions).  It should not be all that large.


Cash & Budget Reports – Only the FY 2020/21 reports will be available, as I’ve not formatted the FY 22 reports yet (and they would be relatively meaningless).  The report will be periodically updated on the website and printed for the meeting.


Checking Account Reconciliation – It is doubtful this will be ready for the meeting, as the bank statement is unlikely to be ready until July 2nd.  I will e-mail the reconciliation when it’s done, and on the off chance that it is ready on the 1st, I’ll get it done up.


Encumbrance Orders – This will not be in the packet, but may be ready for meeting night – basically setting aside money for projects that were approved in the FY 21 budget but not completed.  


Lien Schedule – The 30-day notices were prepared on June 21st.  Liens will go on (most likely) on July 22nd (a few days before I take a week off!). 


Appointments – Steve Gabel-Richards has agreed to serve in the Planning Board Alternate role again (he was away when I sent out e-mails asking).  I’ll do up thank-you letters to Mike Risoldi, Paul Howaniec and Shannon Byers for their previous service. 


Any thoughts on Budget Committee – still looking for an alternate and a replacement for Robin Veysey, and a tech committee member to replace Mike Risoldi.


DEP Communication – Much of my time this week has been spent gathering information for the DEP regarding complaints they’ve received on Code Enforcement matters.  I’ve run the response by Rebecca Albright and enclose a copy in your packet.  There is no action to take at this time.  


Traffic Light Inquiry – A memorandum regarding the Route 3/204 traffic light is in your packet, following up on a phone call from Maine DOT reporting a person complaining about the length of the light. 


Paving Bids – The bids are due the morning of our meeting.  Haley-Ward did a nice job of putting those together and sending them out.  I look forward to receiving some bids.


Heating Fuel Bids – The Superintendent’s Office was supposedly taking care of the bidding on heating fuel for the upcoming winter.  I’ve reached out to find out what the bid status might be.  We might have something for July 1st.


Revaluation RFP – The Board of Assessors has submitted a proposed RFP for the revaluation.  It’s in your packet.  The town meeting has approved the initial funding for this, and I would recommend that the Selectboard authorize the Assessors to issue the RFP.


Lamoine Quarterly – I hope to have a final draft ready for your meeting on Thursday – it’s slowly coming together.


School Event Feedback – In the words of teacher Miranda Engstrom (who is in my office ordering Lamoine 150! Stuff as I write) the event was “very sweet and thoughtful”.  Thank you to all who could make it.  The teachers were very surprised!


And that’s all I have for this meeting.  See you July 1st at 7PM