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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of July 22, 2021


Greetings!  I hope your July is living up to expectations.  Nice to see a little rain, though we didn’t need 3-inches all at once last Friday.  The roads fared OK during that storm – I had Richard McMullen clean out the beaver debris on Needles Eye Road that morning which likely saved some problems.


We’ve informally instituted a 150! Friday dress code at the office through mid-August.  Jennifer & I are wearing our 150! T-Shirts (heck, I’ve even got shorts on today –it’s supposed to be rather warm.) 


We’ll have some staffing issues for a couple of weeks.  I’m on vacation the week of July 26th.  Jennifer will be taking a couple of days off as she and her family move into the home they’re purchasing in Ellsworth in early August. 


I’m pleased to report that Buttermilk Road should be paved on Wednesday, weather permitting.  The cross culvert that was re-set was paved yesterday (the 15th). 


We’ve been rather busy.  The tax bills are printed and mailed.  I even recruited my wife to help stuff envelopes this year (it cost me lunch, though).    I think this is the earliest we’ve had them out in quite some time. 


Your meeting agenda is not all that aggressive. 


Minutes – July 1, 2021 – please look over the minutes.  Written corrections are easiest for me.


Expenditure Warrant 2 – A majority of the board signed on July 15th and checks were disbursed.  A copy is in your packet for questions/review.


Expenditure Warrant 3 – We should have school payroll and AP warrants.  I will also have payroll for the town on here as a reasonable estimate.  I’ll be processing payroll early on the 23rd as we’re off on vacation.  Normal payroll would be the 26th – checks will be ready for Jennifer to hand out on the 27th.   


The warrant will be periodically updated on the website and printed for the morning of the meeting.


Cash & Budget Reports – I’ll have a report for FY 2020/21 and have finished up formatting the report for FY 2021/22.  They’ll be updated on the website and printed for your meeting.


Quarterly Excise Tax Report – This will be in your packet.  It was a very good year!


Tax Liens – We’ll be doing the tax liens most likely on Thursday before the meeting.  I’ll print off the list.


Encumbrance Order – The proposed encumbrance order is in your packet.  This is to fund from the previous year budget projects that were approved but not carried out yet.  There may be a 2nd order – we can discuss any projects you might want to have finished or started last year.


Heating Fuel Bids – Superintendent Kane says we should have bids by Wednesday afternoon to open on Thursday.


Broadband – I’ve put the latest e-mail from Spectrum in your packet.  I’m going to e-mail Brian Lippold and ask his opinion on their suggestion.


Lamoine 150! – I’ve asked the committee for a contract with Central Maine Pyrotechnics.   I’m in hopes that you’ll have one to sign for the meeting, as the board is not slated to meet again until after the big weekend. 


Jo, I’m sure, can update us on anything else that needs to happen.


MMA Ballot – The races are uncontested.  The ballot is in your packet.


Zoom Meeting Policy – I’ve adapted the MMA’s suggested policy for the town and it along with other info on the matter is in your packet.  You probably should have a public hearing at your August meeting.


Water Testing Results – They’re back – the spreadsheets have been mailed to the homeowners and are in your packet.  The DEP has also received the results.  I’ve had no comment thus far other than that they’ve received them.


Road Name – A 2nd home has been permitting at an entrance off Partridge Cove Road.  The property owner, Jim Leavitt, has proposed “Love It Lane” as the road name.  I’ll have a road naming order ready for adoption.


Frenchman Bay American Aquafarms – I suspect Kathleen can update us on the latest and intervener status.  There is something I would like to discuss of a broader nature – and that’s placement of, for lack of a better word, advocacy materials at the town hall.  Someone left a one-page flyer on the bulletin board and the deacon’s bench for Friends of Eastern Bay. I’m not sure that that town hall is the appropriate forum for promoting one point of view on a matter that potentially has different impacts on our citizens.  


Shellfishing – We’ve been selling shellfish licenses under the new administrative community for about half a month now.  We’ve received mounds of e-mail with constant changes in procedures, applications, paperwork to supply license holders from the Town of Franklin.  It’s nice that someone is finally telling us the expectations of the program.  It seems awfully complicated though.  Issuing a clam license is probably the longest transaction that we do in this office.


All for now….see you Thursday.