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Report for Meeting - August 19, 2021


As I write, the town is getting ready to celebrate 150 (really 151) years of being us.  It’s been a long time coming, and I am hopeful the weather will cooperate (though a check is showing a chance of showers).  I am so grateful to the Lamoine 150! Committee for their years of hard work and planning for what looks to be a fund weekend. 


I am happy to report that our town clerk / tax collector is spending most of this week on vacation to move into her new home in Ellsworth.  That has also been a long time coming, and I couldn’t be more pleased for Jennifer and her family.  They have a beautiful new home on Fletcher Street in Ellsworth.  I’ve worked solo for most of the week, and it’s been just about the right amount of business.  My wife has graciously joined me for lunch each day.


Your agenda is actually pretty short – that’s how summer is supposed to work. 


Minutes July 22, 2021 – Please do your usual editing job with written corrections if possible. 


Warrant 4 – A majority signed the warrant a week ago.  The paving bill was on here, which was most of the $ 246,181.64. Other significant costs were the annual maintenance and inspection for the fire trucks and some road maintenance from Richard McMullen.


Warrant 5 – This will be updated periodically on line.  So far the bulk of the warrant is bi-weekly payroll. 


Cash & Budget Reports – A brief panic attack as the accounting software updated then froze.  Thankfully, tech support was able to quickly talk through getting the update restarted and all is good!  


Checking Account Reconciliation – This was e-mailed to you last week.  All balanced up well.  There was a charge for new checks on the July statement that was reversed in August.


Tax Liens – Several liens have been paid following filing. There is one problem lien – an escrow company identified a different map and lot on a payment made last February, and paid the proper amount on that tax.  The lot next door to it should have been the proper payment application.  A memo is in your packet. 


Additional Encumbrance Order – I’m proposing two more items to encumber.  The fire department ladder truck developed a leak during the last fiscal year and has gone into the repair shop.  Chief Smith estimates the cost will be a maximum of $5,000.  That’s the proposed encumbrance amount – there was plenty in the fire budget to accommodate that. 


The other is an administration personnel expense for uncompensated vacation under my contract.  A detailed memorandum is in your packet, and the proposed encumbrance order is also in your packet.


Shore Access – Jordan River/Subdivision – Planning Board chair John Holt inquired about access to Jordan River for marine work & clam harvesters.  It has to do with a potential subdivision plan the board started discussing this week.  Currently the diggers walk through the so-called Miro lots to access the shore.  He broached the subject with the developer during Monday’s meeting, and this might warrant discussion on the Selectboard level. 


Ambulance Contract – I inquired about a new ambulance service contract with Northern Light Medical Transport after getting the bill (last warrant).  The bill was lower than budgeted, which is good.  The contract automatically renews each year after its expiration which was this year.  The renewal is a 3% increase, so we’re paying $9.27/capita based on the 2010 census.  I expect the 2020 census out tomorrow.  It may take a while for Northern Light to prepare a new contract.  If you’re comfortable with the 3% increase annually, you don’t need to do a new contract.  Your call.


Heating Fuel Bids – I’ve not been able to get an answer from the Superintendent of Schools on where things stand with heating fuel.  If I don’t find out something, I’m tempted to do our own bid process if you wish.


Cell Tower Sale – Dan Pileggi will meet with you on September 2nd on this.


Broadband – Not sure if there is anything to report from the Time Warner/Spectrum end.  I did tell Spectrum’s Shelley Winchenbach that we wished to proceed after she e-mailed the next day.    The ARPA funding was delayed another 30-days by the state government last week.


Fire Truck Purchase – The Budget Committee will meet with Chief Smith on August 30th.  


Lamoine 150! – Each time I check the forecast, it seems to be improving for Saturday.  Fingers are big time crossed for fair skies.   The 150! Committee has done a tremendous job over the past 5 years to reach this point.   Board recognition is certainly in order.


And that is all that I have on the agenda at this point.   See you Thursday the 19th.