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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of September 16, 2021


Greetings on this very damp September morning.  I’m writing this on the 9th.   As you were notified by e-mail, we are dealing with a potential COVID-19 situation and will likely have to close the office periodically.  I will keep you updated. 


Yesterday was a beautiful day.  I spent it helping with the annual required fire truck pump testing in the morning and installing some street signs on the afternoon. 


Things at the town hall seem to be more manageable now that the tax due date has passed and the 150! Celebration is over.   


Your agenda is actually pretty light.


Minutes – September 2, 2021 – Please do your usual fine editing work.  Written corrections are most appreciated.


Expenditure Warrant 7 – So far it’s pretty light – payroll, a hefty bill for turnout gear for a couple of firefighters, and the usual recurring bills.  There will be school warrants that come in next week.  The warrant will be updated periodically on line.


Cash & Budget Reports – This will be periodically updated on line as well and the report printed for your meeting.   No red flags that I can see.


General Assistance Hearing/Adoption – The public will get its say on the new, updated GA Ordinance.  If it’s anything like the past 28-years, no one will show up or testify.    Presuming you adopt the new ordinance, it will be ready for signature once you declare the public hearing over.


Town Meeting Warrant – The town meeting warrant as proposed is in your packets.  Dan Pileggi worded the cell tower lease sale question, the two fire truck articles are based on a previous fire truck purchase (back in 2013).  The way it is worded utilizes an amount from fund balance, an amount from the fire truck reserve and an amount from the fire department corporation along with the loan.  The 2nd article authorizes sale of the 1994 truck with the proceeds going back into the general fund up to $45,000 and anything in excess would go back into the fire truck reserve.  


Broadband/ARPA Update – I have filed the proper on line application to receive our $179,000 in ARPA funding.  It was rather confusing, but the folks handling that process were very pleasant to deal with and talked me through it.  I also spoke with Kitty Barbee who is dealing with the county funding and sent her the Spectrum estimate to wire the rest of the town.  She said the commissioners were very interested in working with communities to spend the money on allowed projects.


Revaluation Recommendation – The Assessors meet the day before your meeting.  I expect they will have a recommendation on which firm to go with.


Budget Matters – I have updated the Capital improvement plan based on some of the current discussion.  We can talk that over a bit, but it would be good to have a department head/board chair meeting on that in the not too distant future. 


Speaking of capital improvements, it might be time to revive the community center committee discussion and/or committee.  


And, let’s discuss any budgeting priorities you might have for the upcoming budget as I start the process of plugging in the numbers.


Birthday Recognition – Buddy Eaton will turn 98 years old before your next meeting.  A neighbor requested that this be recognized.  He’s not the oldest resident, but is the 2nd oldest at the moment.   Buddy lives just up the road from the town hall for those who might not know him.


That’s all I know of for the moment.  Again, we’ll keep you posted on the COVID situation.