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Report for Meeting of October 21, 2021

What a spectacular stretch of weather we’ve had.  I am writing this on my final day of being 62 years old.  I bought myself a weather station for home, which among other things measures rainfall.  So far – nothing since installing it last Sunday.


The mums outside my office window are resplendent.  Thanks to Lori & Casey Jordan for planting them along the Veterans Memorial Path.   I have seen a lot of reflective foliage pictures of Blunt’s Pond on Facebook this past week – the pond is very calm and the colors of autumn are lovely. 


It’s been a little busy here in the office as the upcoming referendum election has drawn a fair amount of absentee balloting.  Nothing like a year ago, thankfully!  Jennifer is keeping up with all the election prep.


Volleyball season is winding down.  Next Tuesday is the final day of the regular high school season and playoffs start on Friday and finish on the 30th.  College should also be done in early November.  It’s been a mostly fun season, and time out of the office has been relatively minimal.


Next week I’ll be filling in on the radio in the early morning before coming into work.  It’s only for a week (of course, last time I said it was only for 6-weeks and it ended up being 15 years!). 


Your agenda is actually pretty short this time around.


Minutes – October 7, 2021 – Please look over the minutes from the meeting at the school.  I would note that there was a video malfunction with the control board at the school but the audio recorded very nicely.  Written corrections are most appreciated.


Expenditure Warrant 9 – This will be updated periodically on the website.  So far the largest bill, as usual, is school payroll.  The first snow plowing bill will be on here ($12,000 but with the salt purchases subtracted).  The school AP warrant is just over $23,000.


Cash & Budget Reports – The transfer of the ARPA funds from checking to its own investment account was done this week.  That is reflected in the updated budget report.  It too is posted and updated on line periodically and will be printed for meeting night. 


American Tower Easement – There is quite an extensive contract to sign in multiple places, so this will take a while.  This was approved at the special town meeting on the 7th.  Once signed, I’ll FedEx it back to American Tower.  I have advised Dan Pileggi that would be our course of action, and he is informing American Tower which had been in contact with him earlier this week to inquire.


Broadband – In your packet is a communication between Hancock County’s Broadband consultant and me.  This might be moving forward I hope.  Stay tuned!


Fire Truck – I will be working with the fire chief to get bid specs for the chassis and the truck body manufacture to go out to bid ASAP so this project can get rolling.  We’ll also need to do an RFP for a loan once we have the bids in.


Commercial Trash Hauling – In your packet is a memo regarding an incident with an unpermitted commercial trash hauler at the transfer station last weekend.  You may wish to discuss this in executive session as a personnel matter.


Assessing Future – The Board of Assessors met yesterday and started discussing the future of the Board.  The gist of the discussion is that the Board will likely recommend that the locally elected board be dissolved and the Select Board hire a professional part time assessor to take over their duties.    If that is to happen, the town meeting will have to vote on it 90-days prior to the annual meeting.  We discussed briefly about having that as a referendum vote in November 2022.


Budget Workshop – I am working on finishing up the Administration Budget and the Waste Disposal Budget for the November 8th Budget Committee meeting.  I should have it ready for Thursday night, but probably not fully in your packet (but maybe!).


That’s all for the agenda.    See you on the 21st.