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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of December 2, 2021


Your very well-tanned Administrative Assistant has reluctantly returned to the 44th parallel.  The week off was well appreciated, and we had a flawless week on Turks & Caicos.  Jennifer reported that it was very quiet in the town office that week (it’s been busy so far this week!).  There were no fire calls too.  Perhaps & should leave town more often.


I was able to spend part of today (Tuesday the 23rd) helping the school put lights up on the outside of the building.  Several of our firefighters helped reach the high spots with the ladder truck (just don’t ask me about stapling my own finger….). 


Remember, this meeting will be at the school at 7PM, as we’ve invited department heads and board chairs to the meeting to discuss things.  I’ve tried to limit the agenda to the most important and necessary matters.


Minutes – You last met on November 4th.  Look over the minutes for accuracy please.


Warrants 11 & 12 – Thank you for signing warrant 11.  I expect that you’ll sign warrant 12 on Wednesday the 24th.   It’s ready to go – I hope your packets are done shortly as well.


Warrant 13 – There will not be a school warrant on warrant 13, but the fire department stipends will be on there. 


Cash & Budget Reports – I would note that we have not had to remove any funds from the general investment account to pay the bills so far this fiscal year.  You’ll have a fresh report for meeting night.  I’ll have printed one off for warrant 12 and will update periodically on line.


Checking Account Reconciliation – I should be able to get that done before your meeting, if the bank makes it available on time.


Fire Truck – Skip will attend your meeting and will recommend accepting the bids from Colwell Diesel for the chassis and K&T/Metalfab for the body.   I’ll prepare a funding memo update based on the bids received.  He’s been in touch with both bidders in the last few weeks.


RJD Revaluation Contract – We have a proposed contract from RJD Appraisal for the revaluation.  The Assessors meet the day before your meeting and I suspect that they will review the contract and let you know whether there are any issues.


Code Enforcement – There are two memos from Rebecca regarding violation situations, and a letter from the DEP that they want to review Shoreland Zoning applications before we issue permits.  I expect she will attend the meeting, since she’s a department head, too.


Shore Road Culvert Collapse – An alert Larissa Thomas e-mailed a picture of a culvert with severe erosion between the road surface and the top of the culvert.  I checked it out yesterday and observed that there was an immediate issue and called Randy Kelley.  He looked at it today, and the metal culvert under the road has rotted out (it’s 25 years old) and needs to be replaced immediately and patched in for the winter.  The culvert itself is $3,000 (we’ll use heavy duty plastic this time).  I gave him the go ahead and they should be working on that by Friday.


ARPA Funds Use – A separate memo is in your packets with the proposed budget for the funds received and expected by the town.  This will have to go to town meeting for final approval.


Meeting with Department Heads/Board Chairs – The original memo sent out last October is in your packet.  I will send a reminder e-mail to the department heads and board chairs next week.


That’s the agenda for now.  Have a great Thanksgiving!