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Report for Meeting of December 16, 2021


Wow – it doesn’t seem possible but this will be your last meeting of 2021.  The ground outside the plush corner office here is bereft of snow (it’s Wednesday morning).  Basketball season is well under way, and other than the pandemic, things seem relatively normal. 


Business has been a bit slow at the town hall – which is OK.  It’s nice to have a bit of a break to catch up on things. 


Your meeting agenda is not particularly long, either.  Let’s hope for decent weather.  The materials for the Budget Committee meeting are also in the packet.  That meeting is on Monday the 13th – you are encouraged to attend if you wish.


Minutes – December 2, 2021 – Please make any written corrections you might spot, thank you.


Expenditure Warrant 14 – Unless we get a surprise bill that I’m not expecting, we’ll be able to not utilize investments to cover this warrant again.  The school bills are a little over $100,000, the plowing bill for December is also on here.  Also on here, the Household Hazardous Waste bill and the ladder testing bills.  All else are the usual bills. This will be updated periodically on the website.  


Cash & Budget Reports – As of this writing, we’re in excellent financial shape.  The report is on the website and will be updated periodically.  A written report will be printed for the meeting.


Audit Update – The school department is way behind on its work for the FY21 audit.  Jim Wadman’s office will be here on the 14th to start with our materials.  The audit testing work requested was completed this morning for their perusal.  They hope to have the municipal audit done so that we’ll have it for the town report and meeting.  We can’t have the town meeting unless there is an audit ready.


Special Town Meeting Warrant – The meeting is to authorize the board to accept and distribute the ARPA funds.  I swiped the language from Trenton’s town meeting to do the same thing.   It’s planned for the town hall on January 6, 2022.  I don’t expect much of a crowd.


ARPA Funds – Premium pay seems to be the subject of discussion.  The proposal I gave you for last meeting is only that.  Provided the town meeting gives you authority, you can dole out the ARPA funds any way you wish.  The county government is matching up to $30,000, and the proposal I came up with was only for $19,000.  That’ll mean $11,000 will have to come from some other project in my proposal if you wish to maximize the county match.   I’ve not heard anything as of this writing about the broadband match.


Returnables – There is one request pending – it’s from the grange.

Budget 2022/23 – As mentioned, the Budget Committee meets on Monday and should have a final set of recommendations for the municipal budget.  Materials for that meeting are in your packet. 


Town Report – Guess we’ve got to get started on this.  I’ll work on a possible cover (probably the theme will be the Lamoine 150! Celebration). And, I’ll work on your message, but if you have some input on what the Board wishes to say, that would be really helpful!


American Aquafarms Petition – Kathleen has requested this item for the agenda.   She sent numerous related documents via e-mail.  If you wish to have any of them printed, please let me know, otherwise, we’ll conserve the paper.


That’s the entirety of the agenda at this point.  I wish you all a happy, safe and healthy holiday season.