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Report for Meeting of January 7, 2021

Happy almost New Year (I’m writing this on December 29th).  The holiday season is always a bit on the hectic side, but with a pandemic, it seems a little less stressed than in past years.  Business at the town office has been fairly steady, and the Friday holidays presented some challenges, especially at the transfer station.  The trash did not get picked up on Monday morning before opening, so the bins were full when the facility opened at noon.  We were able to get Casella to correct the issue, so things should be OK today.  I’ve doubled down on scheduling for the New Year’s holiday weekend.


We had a couple of fierce storms since meeting last, and now the snow is all gone. Interestingly, there were no long term power outages in town on Christmas Day, the fire department was not called out for anything, and while the wind gusted in excess of 60 MPH, I credit the fact that I sharpened my chainsaw on Christmas Eve with averting sure disaster! 


This will be the final meeting before a new president is inaugurated.  The county emergency management agency is getting ready to make plans for administering COVID-19 shots to our firefighters soon.  I’ll keep the department and you updated. 


Your agenda looks lengthy, but it really isn’t all that long, it just fills a page out nicely.  I am planning on having the meeting via zoom, as the CDC is expecting another virus wave.  Several town halls have closed for business again.  We will if we have to, but that’s not the plan at this point.


Minutes – December 17, 2020 – Please read over the minutes.  Written corrections are the easiest for me to handle.


Expenditure Warrant 16 – This is the warrant I’ve asked you to sign between meetings.  It’s very large thanks to the school’s AP warrant – the MDI High School tuition bill is on here. Of the $422,000 on the warrant, over $397,000 is for school payroll and bills. 


Expenditure Warrant 17 – This will be posted on the website and printed the day of the meeting.  This one shouldn’t be too bad. The town payroll is on warrant 16, but there should be a school payroll and expenditure warrant for warrant 17.


Cash & Budget Reports – These will be periodically updated on the website as well and printed for meeting day.  As of today, we’re in reasonably good shape.


Checking Account Reconciliation – The December 2020 reconciliation will be done and e-mailed prior to your meeting.  I am not expecting any difficulty or surprises.


Quarterly Excise Tax Report – This will be posted on the website as well as printed after December 31st, so most likely on meeting night. 


Recycling Contract – the ecomaine agreement is in your packet.  We pay them $5/ton to process our recycling.  This is the least costly part of recycling!


Returnables – The Lamoine Little Children group has requested the returnables for the next available month which is March of 2021.  They benefitted a year ago – this is going toward the cost of installing the playground equipment at Lamoine Beach.


Town Report – Slowly, the draft is coming together.  The plan this week is to get W2 and 1099 forms done and then the town report is next.  I’ll put together what we have thus far for comment.


Printer – I suspect that Xpress Copy will have similar prices to years past.  If so, I would like permission to keep using them.


Town Meeting – I will draft up a public hearing for February 18th for the two liquor questions, and whatever zoning changes the Planning Board finalizes at their meeting on January 4th.


So far we have three sets of nomination papers out for the March 9, 2021 ballot – all incumbents (the two selectmen and one assessor).  I’ve alerted the superintendent that the incumbent school committee member has not yet picked up papers. So far there are no ballot challengers.


The town meeting warrant will be drafted up prior to the meeting.  I’ve put a very rough draft in the packets – the ordinance change questions are NOT on that version, as I’m waiting for the Planning Board.


If you want to go over the budget, that would be fine.  I will have a copy of what you came up with at the last meeting in your packet.


Citizen of the year – I have someone in mind that I will share privately in your packet.  If you have someone in mind, please let me know.


That’s all for the agenda.  There are a couple of e-mails in your packet regarding a matter that does not require discussion but I wanted to share with you as an FYI. 


I will see you next year!