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Report for Meeting of January 21, 2021

As the winter season in Maine can go, this is pretty good.  A persistent 1-2” of snow on the ground from the last storm to hit a couple weeks ago, and that’s it.  The weather is not brutally cold.  I track heating fuel use, and at the town hall, compared to last year, our propane use was down by about 100 gallons. 


Business has not really let up all that much since the turn of the year.   We saw a rush on vehicle registrations this week from the Christmas sales.  I do expect things to slow a bit after this weekend.


Our auditor is here as I write this on Thursday morning.  I’m in hopes that will wrap up and be ready for town meeting soon.


You’re meeting by zoom again, given the COVID-19 situation.  The fire department is still waiting to hear when our crew can get vaccinated.  If you wish to come to the town hall, please let me know – we can run a hybrid meeting. 


In the 45 minutes since composing and e-mailing out the original agenda, some other issues have cropped up, so it’s a bit longer than initially sent.


Minutes  - You’ll have two sets of Minutes – the regular meeting from January 7 and last night’s meeting (January 13).  Please look them over for any errors.


Warrant 18 – This is posted on the website and will be updated periodically.  The biggest non-education expenses are to Maine Municipal for insurance and dues, and McMullen Landscaping for the plow contract.   There will be a school warrant on here, I’m not sure how much that will be.


Cash & Budget Reports – Those will also be posted on the website and updated periodically.  I’ll have a printed report in your packet, and display the report for the meeting.


Tax Liens 2018/19 – I will print a list of the liens for part of the packet.  You will likely have one property owner applying for a poverty abatement which will be done in executive session.  There is one property owner who has moved out of state but we don’t have an address for him.  The certified mail was returned.  I have asked a neighbor to try to help track him down, but so far, no luck.


Audit Update – As noted above, Ron Bean of Jim Wadman’s office is here today finishing up the audit. 


Salt/Sand Shed Door – I e-mailed you on Wednesday when the door was damaged beyond repair.  As I write, I’m awaiting the estimate from PDQ door.  There is a bill on the warrant for their repair a couple of weeks ago.   As soon as I hear something, I will let you know.


Broadband Expansion Follow Up – If there is any update regarding the items discussed on January 13th, I’ll let you know.


AFG Grant – I hope to have a draft of a grant application to FEMA for assistance with purchasing airpacks and bottles for the fire department.   My request would be for you to authorize the fire department to submit an application.  This potentially could save about $20,000 on required purchase of new airpacks and cylinders in the next couple of years.


Transfer Station Capacity – As you are probably well aware, the facility had to close early the past two Saturdays as the bins were full.  We’ve had some minor squawking from the townspeople on social media, which is fine.  I’m not sure if there is anything you wish to do further at this point.


Town Report – I’ll print off what is done for your packet.   Things are slowly coming together.  Xpress Copy said the price per page will be the same as last year.


Town MeetingZoning Change Petition – I am expecting Glenn Crawford to bring in a petition today asking for the zoning change on his property. 


Warrant – After writing this report, I’m drafting up the two ordinance change questions the Planning Board will likely approve at their February meeting.  If the petition is successful, that question will also go on the warrant.


Citizen of the Year – I hope to draft up a certificate and plaque art work for your choice.  That will be in the packet if I get it done in time.


Public Hearing Notice – After the warrant is drafted, that public hearing notice will also be drafted.  My plan is to have you sign the warrant and hearing notice at your first meeting in February.


Lamoine 150! – The committee meets this (Thursday) afternoon.  I suspect Jo will have something to report.


As noted earlier, I’m expecting a poverty abatement.  I’ve asked the person to drop off the form which I assisted him with filling out, by Wednesday. 


A reminder the office is closed for the MLK holiday on Monday.


See you Thursday.