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Report for Meeting of February 4, 2021


I think our plow contractor is enjoying the January he’s had this year.  It’s not as cold as usual. I’m writing this on January 27th – we got a dusting overnight, and I think they’ve only been out a few times this month.


Our fire department has started to receive the COVID-19 vaccinations.  I got mine on January 25th and the 2nd one will be on February 24th.  Didn’t feel anything at the time of the shot, but the next morning, it felt like someone punched me in the arm.  I guess that’s somewhat typical.  The word is it’s the 2nd shot that knocks you out for a while. 


I just got the quote from PDQ to replace the salt/sand shed door.  I was pretty close on the estimate – it’s $5,300.  I have gone ahead and approved it as directed last meeting.


Your agenda is short on length, but long on importance!  There will be an additional packet at the town hall by mid-day of the meeting, so if you swing by to pick it up (and you opt to attend from home) you will be up to date.   I would suggest picking up this packet a couple of days before the meeting, as I’ll have a nearly finished copy of the town report ready, as well as the warrant and proposed ordinance amendment articles.  


Once again, the meeting will be a “hybrid” of zoom and in person.  I appreciate your flexibility and I think this has worked out pretty well in terms of safety and efficiency.  Your discussions last meeting were excellent, well presented, and the conversation flow seemed to work pretty well.  


Minutes – Please look over the minutes.  I hope I captured the discussion accurately.  If not, please give me corrections (written if possible). 


Warrant 19 – The school will have its payroll and AP warrants on this warrant, but I won’t see them until the morning of the meeting most likely, so I don’t know how much they will be.  The warrant will be periodically updated on the website, and printed with your materials on meeting day. So far the most costly item are a couple of property tax refunds from folks who paid twice for some reason.


Cash & Budget Reports – Revenues continue to track well, especially excise tax!  This will be periodically updated on the website and printed for your meeting day packet.


Tax Lien Foreclosures – Two that I had kind of worried about have paid in full.  The remaining six as of 1/26 habitually pay at the last minute. 


Dog Late Fees – We’re hearing from a few folks that they’re unable to make an appointment to get a rabies shot until after 1/31/21 whereupon state law authorizes a $25.00 late fee.  I made an inquiry to the Town Clerk’s Association and the opinion was all over creation on whether the town can choose to waive a late fee, but then someone with a higher authority than me said the Governor’s emergency order cuts out late fees until 30-days after the state of emergency is lifted.  I asked ACO Byers about waiving late fees, and she had no problem with doing that.  Bottom line, no late fees, unless the board instructs otherwise.


Appointments – Bob LaChance from Pasture Way who makes a living doing computer stuff has offered to serve on the Tech Committee and I recommend his appointment.  He would replace Bill Butler who became our IT director.


Fill In Transfer Station Attendant – Chris Meyer has talked with Robert Hamblen of Walker Road about filling in at the facility when Brandon Robitaille is not available.  Mr. Hamblen worked for the Town of Tremont in a similar capacity, and I’ve sent him an application.  It would be good to have a second back up, just in case.


Town Meeting Warrant – The Planning Board meets on Monday, February 1st and will finalize the proposed ordinance changes for the town meeting.  I have prepared the warrant in accordance with the vote you took than reconsidered last meeting.  There was no new vote after the reconsideration, and while this did not exactly follow “Robert’s Rules” I went with the assumption that the majority wished to have the petitioned zoning change question considered in the open meeting.


Moderator – Harvey Kelley has agreed to moderate again!


Town Report – Once the Planning Board does its thing, I should be able to put the rest of the town report together for final approval.  Your input this year has been very helpful! 


Request from Bar Harbor Town Council re: joint sustainability coordinator. – A memo from town councilor Jill Goldthwait from Bar Harbor is in your packets.  This is merely a request for a representative from town to meet with her to see if there might be any cost-sharing interest.  My suggestion is that this might be something to refer to the Conservation Commission.


Lamoine 150! – I don’t know if Jo has anything new to report – that committee meets a week after your meeting.

Selectboard Comment – Bob request the item to be discussed regarding the Sheriff’s Department severing ties with Healthy Acadia’s substance abuse counseling program.  Here’s a link to the Bangor Daily News article:  Hancock County sheriff won't let group help inmates battle addiction over its support for Black Lives Matter (


And that’s the agenda – see you Thursday.