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Report for Meeting of November 4, 2021


What a difference a week makes.  As I write this we have a high wind warning up, the leaves have mostly fallen from the trees, and it seems like November for real now. 


While it’s been relatively brisk at the town hall, and Election Day is Tuesday the 2nd, the absentee turnout has been relatively easy.  For a referendum election, though, the number of requests is very high.  Not sure what the turnout will be for Election Day.


The budget for 2022/23 is starting to come together.   The Budget Committee holds its first meeting on November 8th. 


On the personal front, my volleyball refereeing should be done by Halloween.  State championships are the 30th of October.  Basketball season is next.


Our lifestyle is likely to change drastically soon.  As mentioned, my Dad had surgery yesterday (Oct. 26th) and may be moving in with us soon.  He came through it well, and I’ll likely head to Rockland on the 28th to see what’s what.  Will keep you posted.


Your agenda isn’t too bad.  Should be an interesting meeting.


Minutes – October 21, 2021 – Please look over the minutes for corrections.


Warrant 10 – As of this writing, there is not a lot on the warrant.  The usual school bills and the town payroll will be on here.  This will be posted and updated periodically on the website.


Cash & Budget Reports – This too will be posted on the website and updated periodically, and printed for meeting night.


Meeting with Chief Deputy Kane – In your packet is an updated print out of the speed trailer reports.  I will probably be putting this away the next sunny day as it will not function properly when the temperature is below freezing.   Pat Kane has been gracious enough to meet with you to discuss speeding which is rampant all over the county, not just on our roads I suspect.   Bring your questions!


Fire Truck Bids – Chief Smith will be here when you open the bids on both the chassis and the truck body.   Several members of the fire department met with him today to discuss an update to the chassis bid as the chassis that was originally specified will not be available for about a year.   I’ll let him explain.    There should be bids to open and refer to the chief for recommendation.  The ad went on the website the day after your last meeting. 


I hope to have a draft written for the loan bid as well.   I would recommend that go out and be due on December 2nd. 


Marlboro Beach Revegetation – Ordinance Enforcement – I’ve put the Parks Ordinance in your packet.  You can pick up the discussion from last meeting.


ARPA FundsBroadband – I met with the county’s Broadband consultant this morning.  I have sent him the addresses to be cabled, the proposed contract and the prices for each area.  He said we are “first to the plate” for the County’s money.  Jo and Kathleen attended the meeting on Monday.  There is a wide variety of need across the county.  It’s not clear when the commissioners might be making funds available. 


Emergency Services Premium Pay – There has been a lot of discussion about that county wide.  I submitted our list of firefighters who responded to calls during the emergency declaration to the county.  I’m not sure if you are ready to make some local commitment to compensate or not.


Town Meeting – The MMA President is of the opinion that town meeting approval will be needed to expend any ARPA funds. I’ve prepared a memo with his comments and comments from others.  I would advise taking this route, but you’ll have to have a plan to do so. 


Budget Workshop – I’ve started plugging in figures for Roads, Paving and Code Enforcement.   The Budget Committee meets on November 8th.   I’ll be working on their agenda after this one!


That’s all I have for the agenda at the moment.  See you in the 4th.