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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of January 6, 2022


Happy New Year! May 2022 be an improvement on 2021.  I hope you had a nice holiday season.  It’s actually been fairly brisk at the town office during the last week of the calendar year. A fair number of folks paid the rest of their property taxes, so cash flow has been pretty good. 


Our weather has been, for the most part, pretty easy to deal with.   As I write on Wednesday afternoon, the ground is mostly bare. The temperature is around freezing, but the sun is out.  (Just had slightly surreal moment – the ivy that hangs just outside my door and is usually curled up in the plant pot, uncurled and the vines fell.  To my knowledge, the building is not haunted!).


We had a bit of a snafu last Friday at the transfer station.  I made a typo on a post on the town’s Facebook page and gave folks the impression the facility would open at 8am instead of noon.  That has been fixed for this weekend.   I’m pleased to report that trash on Monday was very light, and the extra pickup planned for that day was not needed, which was a good thing, because the Casella truck had engine trouble and didn’t get there until late afternoon.


It’s a little bit hectic on this end, as we prepared both the January 2022 Lamoine Quarterly and the 2021 town report.  The Quarterly should be printed before the meeting (which will start as a special town meeting).  We’ve got a fair amount done in the town report too. 


Town Meeting – I will open the meeting as the Deputy Town Clerk and a moderator will have to be selected and sworn in.  There is just the one question on the warrant (which is included in your packet) and that would give the Selectboard authority to accept and expend ARPA funds.


Minutes – December 16, 2021 – Please look over the minutes for errors. I greatly appreciate when they are corrected.


Expenditure Warrant 15 – You will have signed this warrant (I hope) on December 30th to get those bills out of the way.  We did not have to move any investment funds to cover the checks.  We can review the warrant during the open meeting if you have questions.


Expenditure Warrant 16 – There will be a school AP warrant and payroll on this warrant, but no town payroll.  I suspect we will have to move investment funds to cover this.  The warrant will be updated periodically on the web site and printed for the meeting.


Cash & Budget Reports – You’ll get a written report with Warrant 15.  The reports will be updated periodically on the web and printed the day of the meeting.


Checking Account Reconciliation – I suspect the bank statement will be ready on Monday.  The reconciliation will be e-mailed as soon as I get that done.


Automatic Foreclosure Notices – The unpaid 2019/20 property tax liens will automatically foreclose on February 17, 2022.  I will print the list of those who will receive the certified mail notice from us.


Meeting re: Intervenor Status – Brian Thomas will meet with you.  I’ve printed the correspondence to and from him, though you should have received the e-mail as well.


Regional Shellfishing – Kathleen asked that an interesting graphic / report on shellfish landings be printed for your reading pleasure.  She also reports that Ellsworth will remain a part of the 7-town consortium.


ARPA Funds Use Update – Presuming that you get the authority from the town meeting, the board will be authorized to start spending the funds it has received.  Some discussion needs to take place about premium pay for town staff.  The county will match up to $30,000 as you know.  The initial draft that I presented several weeks ago was $19,000.  We can discuss how you might wish to alter that to come up to the $30,000 to maximize the county offer.


Open Bids – Fire Truck Loan – The bids are due from banks to fund the $300,000 loan for the next fire truck.  We’ve received a couple via e-mail thus far.


Code Enforcement – Correspondence from Rebecca Albright is in your packet.


Town Meeting – For those circulating papers, the deadline is the day after your meeting to make it onto the March 8, 2022 ballot.


I have drafted up the town meeting warrant for your review.  There’s not a lot on it!


And, you wished to make a choice for citizen of the year.  As you know, you like to keep that a surprise to the recipient.  I have a couple of names that have been suggested (one from me, one from another citizen).  Bring your own ideas too, and we can identify them by number.


Town Report 2021 – We’re making pretty good progress on the report, and the year’s not even over.  I’ve printed what we have thus far, and changed the proposed cover a bit as one member suggested last meeting.


I will contact Xpress Copy who has printed our report in the past to see if their price will be relatively the same.  They do a fantastic job.


Website Proposal – The proposal from Reach Marketing (Ellsworth American) is in your packet.  My suggestion is to refer this to the tech committee. 


That’s it for the agenda.  I will see you on Thursday – hopefully it won’t storm.  We will have to meet in person as the town meeting must be in person!