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Report for Meeting of February 17, 2022


And a lovely February afternoon it is.  I’m writing this on the 9th – the sun is out, the temperature is above freezing and that awful sleet from last weekend is melting. 


I will mention that there is an issue with road salt.  The town purchases its salt through Morton which has no salt in Searsport anymore and didn’t really tell anyone ahead of time.  Shipments are coming from Portland, and they’re WAY behind.  Richard McMullen advised that he’s running very low on salt, but has plenty of sand.   Hopefully the weather holds off until he can get more salt in.  


As you were informed, we closed last Friday (the 4th) due to the storm.  The transfer station did not open either – there was no need to.  Though he did not write in the hours, I paid the attendant as if we were open that day as he was available.  He’s had a rough couple of weekends and Brandon has done a great job!  I came into the office early in the day and wrote up the minutes and did a few other things, then put the phone on call forwarding to the cell phone.  I think we got three calls here all day that came through.


On a personal note, I have been out of the office a fair amount.  As you know we brought my Dad home a week ago, and there have been some issues.  As I type, the ambulance is taking him for a medical evaluation for some falling issues.  We’ve enjoyed the week he has been here, and we should know more about his short and long term prognosis after the evaluation.


Basketball’s regular high school season ends tomorrow.  I will find out Friday if I’ll be doing any tournament reffing.  It has been a long, grueling season – most of us (me included) doing two games a night.  If the tournament includes me, it’ll be a couple more weeks of games.  Jennifer has been great about being here until closing time daily, and being here while tending to Dad.


Your agenda is REALLY short so far.  As mentioned in the e-mail, I scrambled to find items.   If you have something, please let me know and we can put it on the addendum.


Minutes – February 3, 2022 – Please look over the minutes – one of the shortest sets in a while. 


Warrant 19 – The warrant will be posted and updated on the website periodically.  Currently the biggest bill is the February plowing bill.  The Recreation Committee sent the bill for basketball T-shirts.   We got some salt at Home Depot (they had some!) for the town hall.  The school warrants will be on here as well when get them next week.


Cash & Budget Reports – These will also be updated periodically and placed on the website.  One area where revenue will likely fall short is investment interest.  Rates have tanked, and between rates and fees, we lost money in January.   Overall, though, revenues remain strong, and expenses are under control.


Lien Foreclosures – The meeting day is lien foreclosure day.  We’ve not had a lot of payment activity (none since last meeting thus far).  I will let you know what properties are still due in the packet and on meeting day.


Bond Documents – Fire Truck – Our bond counsel will send the documents to sign.  There are a couple of policies that you will have to adopt to keep the IRS happy, and some resolutions to approve.  It’s basically a loan closing. 


ARPA – Broadband – Charter/Spectrum should have an updated contract to approve.  The Tech Committee is meeting before your meeting.  I’ll run it by the County Commissioners’ consultant to make sure it’ll meet ARPA funding.  I would hold off until the County commits to funding.


Premium Pay – The last payroll was submitted to the County Administrator’s office.  Not sure when we’ll see the matching funds.


Community Resilience Grant – I suspect Larissa will be in attendance.  The workshop is on the 15th at the school.  She, Brett & I met yesterday.  The discussion was about utilizing funds to install heat pumps in the town hall, fire station, school and transfer station office. 


That’s it for the agenda.  I could get used to these short agendas!