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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of March 3, 2022


This will be the final meeting for this iteration of the Selectboard.  Thank you Bob Christie for your two terms of service!  You have been a most thoughtful Municipal Officer and the staff and I appreciate your support these past six years.


As I start writing this report, it’s over 60-degrees and sunny outside.  Sadly, it won’t last, but what a February day to appreciate.  This is one of my favorite weeks of the year as the high school basketball tournament is going full tilt.  I’ve been doing some updates for radio in my spare time since ending refereeing for the regular season and a couple of play-in games.


Some very exciting news from our family this week.  As of Monday evening 2-21-22 at 5:33 PM, we are grandparents.  Madison Lynn Cushman arrived about 9-weeks early.  She’s tiny but feisty and will be in the NICU for several weeks.  She’s doing great for just two days old – only 3-pounds and 15” long, but she’s got long fingers and toes, and already looks like a volleyball player!  Mom and Dad are doing well and we’ve got lots of pictures!


Your meeting agenda is not all that long this time.  I will be attending a Hancock County Firefighters’ Budget Committee meeting prior to this meeting – thankfully it’s at our fire station. 


Minutes – February 17, 2022 – Please look over the minutes for any corrections that are needed.


Warrant 20 – Your 2nd half paychecks are on here (and will be with your packets).  I’ll put the warrant on line and update it periodically and print it for meeting night.


Cash & Budget Reports – Cash flow has been quite nice this week as the 2nd half of property taxes are due.  The reports will also be on line and updated periodically and printed for the meeting.


Letters to previous owners of tax acquired property – I’ve drafted letters to the three parties that owned property that became tax acquired on February 17th for you to sign.  Please look them over – one has indicated that they wish to enter an installment agreement and I’ve put some provisions in that letter that you may or may not wish to include.


Checking Account Reconciliation – I should have that done by March 2nd provided the bank statement is ready.  I’ll e-mail the reconciliation.   Let me know if you have questions!


Recycling Contract – I’ve put an updated contract that hadn’t been signed last July – we had signed a previous version and I did not realize there was a change that included an inflationary increase.  Also, there’s e-mail from DM&J about a container rental increase.  Let’s discuss it.


ARPA UpdatesBroadband - There is one modification to the contract you signed last meeting that will make this ARPA acceptable.  I’m waiting for word from Charter that it’s OK with them. The change was on an exhibit to the contract and does not substantially alter things on our end of the deal. 


Premium Pay – I’ve not heard anything yet from Hancock County on a match for premium pay.  I plan to inquire after their meeting in March if we don’t hear anything.


Water/Fire Department Project – I have spoken with John Holt of Cold Spring Water Company.  He mentioned that there is no formal agreement between the water company and the fire department to install this system, though it’s been the understanding for years that it was OK.  I assured him that when we hire an engineer, they will work with the Water Company.  I have informed the fire chief that it was OK to seek engineering for the project.


Town Meeting Preview – I will be working on the power point show that will go along with the open town meeting during the next week.  I should have most of the slides ready for your meeting night and will print them off. 


Our citizen of the year resolve that will be read at town meeting is ready for signature. 


That’s all I have at the moment.  See you on March 3rd.