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Report for Meeting of March 17, 2022

It’s really beginning to feel like spring.  Much of the snow has melted, the wind is whipping, and the roads got posted.  Your meeting is on St. Patrick’s Day, but no green beer will be served at the town hall (gosh, that sounds pretty awful anyway!).  


Election Day went very smoothly – weather was decent, but there was a very low turnout.  We had the votes hand counted by 9:30 PM.  This meeting following the election marks a first for Lamoine – there is a female majority on the Select Board!  Welcome aboard to Larissa Thomas, and my thanks to Bob Christie for his two terms of service.  We don’t even have to order a new nameplate, though the one with “THOMAS” on it is a different color for some reason. 


Normally this would be an organizational meeting, but there are some items that you need to take care of.


I e-mailed the board about attending the County Commissioners’ meeting on the 15th at 8:30 AM to receive the broadband check.   It would be a great photo op if some (all) could join me.


Officers – I will get to call the meeting to order, as the first order of business will be to select a chair.  The board has rotated chairs in the past.  The last five years have seen the following serve as chair:



Gary McFarland


Kathleen Rybarz


Bob Christie


Nathan Mason


Jo Cooper


Once the chair is selected, they will run the remainder of the meeting, including selection of a vice-chair.


Minutes – March 2, 2022 – Please look over the minutes for any errors. Written corrections are most appreciated.


Expenditure Warrant 21 – The warrant is posted on line and updated periodically.  A printed copy will be at the meeting for your signature.  Major items will include the $110,000 payment to Charter for broadband expansion, the March plowing bill, and no doubt school payroll and operations warrants. 


Cash & Budget Reports – The reports will also be posted on line and updated periodically then printed for meeting night.  As of right now, I have no budget concerns for the current fiscal year.


Quitclaim Deed – Rick (Charles) Graham was in to pay in full for his back taxes and I have prepared a quitclaim deed for you to sign to sell his property back to him.    As of this writing (3/17/22) I have not heard from the other two parties in regard to their desires to redeem their property.

Audit – The audit was done and posted on the website last Friday (March 4th) – just in time for the open town meeting.  Your copy is in your packet.  The books were adjusted to match the audit balances and the previous fiscal year closed out.  There is a long letter of boilerplate from the auditor – the bottom line is that the audit showed no material weaknesses.  Other than having to wait for the school department to get things ready, it went fairly smoothly this year.


Policies Disbursement Policy – The proposed policy is in your packet.  The date is changed, and I’ve tried to make reference to the Select Board in all instances where Selectmen/Selectman were referenced.  Other than that, nothing significant has changed.


Mileage Reimbursement Policy – Many years ago the Board adopted a policy setting mileage reimbursement for staff at a hybrid of the state rate (by union contract) and the IRS Rate which is set annually.  The price goes up a penny a mile for this year.  The price of fuel has gone up a bit (lot) more!  The policy is in your packet


Administrative Fees – No fee increases are proposed.  The policy is in your packet.


Selectboard Procedures – The only changes were to remove Selectmen references and change them to Select Board, and update the date and board member names.  The policy is in your packet.


Aquaculture Ordinance – Kathleen requested this be on the agenda.  A model moratorium ordinance is in your packet along with information about such an ordinance. Kathleen also requested that an expert attend via zoom – I suggested to her that the entire board should decide whether it wants to meet with an expert before doing so.  


Climate Grant Update – I suspect our newest Select Board member will have an update on the grant application.


Appeals Board Resignation – Larissa will step down from the Board of Appeals officially at the meeting now that she’s an elected Municipal Officer.  You can discuss whether you wish to appoint the current alternate to replace her, or advertise for another member or two.  You have one person already who has offered to serve.


Recycling Transportation Contract – As I mentioned last meeting, ecomaine is now charging DM&J for the roll off recycling containers.  I spoke with Tracy Wellman at DM&J and she was going to send a proposal to include rental price in their contract with us.  We’re talking about another $3,000 / year to recycle.


Hodgkins Scholarship – The information from the Maine Community Foundation is in your packet.  Generally the board selects a sub committee to review the applications (which have already started to come in). 


Technology Committee – That committee will meet right before your meeting and talk about the updated website and other stuff.  There may be some recommendations.


Town Meeting Follow Up – While no major flap is expected at town meeting, one never knows.  This will be an opportunity to discuss anything that might need some discussing.


Future Meeting Dates – Do you want to have a 3rd meeting on the 31st? An expenditure warrant will need to be signed at the very least.   Let’s discuss meeting dates for May and June as well to make sure everyone’s schedule meshes.


That’s it for the agenda.   See you on the 17th (and the 16th, possibly the 15th).