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Minutes - January 22, 2020



BOA members present:  Jay Fowler, Larissa Thomas, Jon VanAmringe and Michael Jordan


Alternate member present:  Brett Jones


Other attendees:  Mark Harris, Kenneth Farkas


1: Meeting was called to order by Mr. VanAmringe at 6:32PM


2: Consideration of Minutes:  Motion to approve minutes for 10/29/2019 made by Brett, second by Larissa   Vote   5-0


3: Moldawer v, Code Enforcement Officer II


a.        Request to Board of Selectmen to utilize Atty. Collier -  Motion was made by Mike to ask the Selectmen to hire Atty. Collier for this matter    Larissa second     Veto 5-0

b.       Scheduling of the preliminary meeting to consider above appeal – Schedule will be determined once Atty. Collier has been hired and on his availability

c.       Motion was made by Jay that Jon, chair pro tem, represent the Board at the Selectmen’s meeting – Brett second     Vote 5-0


4:  Appeal Board Ordinance (if time) – Placed to a later date until Griff can attend meeting


5: Other matters to come before the board – Discussion took place for the use of cell phones and/or video conferencing at an Appeal hearing can take place. While no vote was taken, no one felt strongly that we should allow either to take place.


6:  Next meeting date (s) - To be determined once Atty. Collier has been hired and based on his availability   


7: Adjourn – 7:52