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Minutes - January 31, 2022


Call to order @ 6:31


Members in attendance:

Jay Fowler, Jon VanAmringe, Mike Jordon, Larissa Thomas, Brett Jones



Public in attendance:



--Public Hearing-- Opening of public hearing for Remote Participation Policy @ 6:32


Members asked clarifying questions about policy, with some debate over procedure. Procedural questions revolved around whether the vote on the policy was to take place during the hearing, or after it was closed.


Public hearing was closed @ 6:36


Motion to approve policy made my Mike Jordon, Seconded by Jon VanAmringe Motion carries 5/0


--Regular business--


Consideration of minutes, Jan 10, 2022 - Mike made motion, Larissa seconded.

Motion carries 5/0.


Appeals Board Ordinance:

Members continued a review of the draft appeals ordinance, and compared its language to excerpts of appeals language that presently exists within current Lamoine ordinances.


Discussions included the purpose of the draft ordinance as presented in the preamble of the draft document, and some members desire to have appeals language and methods that are consistent throughout all town ordinances. Some discussion revolved around the question of whether it was a good idea to create an adversarial dynamic between the planning board and the appeals board, with the countering position being that to be a meaningful outlet for those seeking an appeal, the appeals board must be on equal footing with the planning board.


Some time was spent discussing methods for legal review of the draft ordinance, and the procedural steps after any review before it would go to the Town for consideration.


Members will continue to meet regularly on this issue with the intention being the completion of this draft so that it may be ready for any potential special town meetings that may come up in 2022.


Next Meeting date:

Feb 28th, to include ordinance development.


Adjournment: 7:47


Respectfully submitted,



Brett Jones